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  • A Case Study Of A L Ischemic MCA Stroke

    Diagnosis: Pt is a 54 yo male who experienced a L ischemic MCA stroke and as a result, has functional limitations as well as expressive aphasia. The majority of pt’s current functional limitations are due to slow recovery from an ORIF of R Hip approximately 3 months ago. Chief Complaint: Pt experienced a L ischemic MCA stroke on the morning of 8/20/2014 which has negatively impacted motor function on R side and his ability to produce speech. Most recently on 07/10/16, pt twisted his R knee…

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  • Transient Ischemic Attack Case Study

    Case study Paper A transient ischemic attack-- also known as a mini-stroke-- occurs when an area of the brain is blocked causing a lack of blood flow. When this occurs, oxygen supply is interrupted and emergency services are needed. TIAs come and go quickly, so “although the symptoms of a TIA may disappear, take it as a warning of an impending, serious ischemic stroke” (“What is a stroke?”, 2010). Care delivery, delegation, and prioritization are important concepts to consider when examining a…

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  • Vascular Dementi A Case Study

    Hildebrandt, & Oberauer, 2013). There should also be MRI scans of the language centers in the brains of vascular dementia patients to view if there is damage to these areas. If there is damage to Wernicke’s area or Broca’s area, then fluent and expressive aphasia could be listed as a symptom of the disease. Most recent research has only stated observations of these deficits. Lastly, there should be more research on the…

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  • A Cure For Alzheimer's Disease

    Apraxia causes problems with certain motor skill movements. Examples are having problems with moving mouth when trying to eat or even moving tongue when talking. Aphasia is another neurological condition Alzheimer’s patients will face. Aphasia is a disorder that makes people have difficulties when using words or trying to understand words. Aphasia is normally found in patients that have had a stroke or brain damage but it can also be found in Alzheimer’s patients as well because of the loss of…

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  • Melodic Intonation Therapy Paper

    Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation-2 and the Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis-2 were used for pre and post testing measures. Research took place at Colorado State University. Melodic Intonation Therapy is frequently used with patients with aphasia, but in this case, was used with children…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Operant Conditioning

    principles that often used in ABA. According to ASHA, the techniques used in this analysis including prompting, cuing, modelling, chaining, differential reinforcement, as well as fading. Thus, based on some researches, it is applicable in aphasia rehabilitation. Aphasia means a communication disorder that results from damage to the parts of the brain (typically in left hemisphere) which…

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  • Stroke Case Study Stroke

    Stroke Case Study 1. The man has had an ischaemic stroke, identify the biological changes that would have occurred in his brain during the process. Arnold’s ischaemic stroke would be initiated when a lack of blood supply (ischaemia) is prevented from reaching the brain (NHS, 2016). The lack of oxygen causes the neurons within the brain to start a chain reaction, in the form of an ischaemic cascade. This begins seconds after the onset of ischaemia. The ischaemic cascade is a biological…

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  • Pediatric Nurse Role

    ineffective. It is key that the nurse understands the developmental level and be considerate of their needs. An example that will show the importance of understanding special needs is a girl name Avery and she’s 15 years old. She suffers from Wernicke’s aphasia and is usually associated with the posterior or superior temporal lobe. She is unable to comprehend written and spoken words but she can write. She is unable to understand or repeat words or phrases back to the nurse. Her speech is fluent…

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  • Iago As A Psychoopath In Shakespeare's Othello

    We as people do not always understand what brings others to do bad things, and while it may be hard to fathom, sometimes those who do these terrible acts may themselves not understand why. A psychopath is an example of this type of person. Someone diagnosed with psychopathy has a personality disorder which manifests as symptoms like amoral and antisocial behaviour and a lack of ability to love or establish meaningful relationships, thus causing them to act as though no one else matters but…

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  • CCT Case Study Essay

    The case study for this essay is a male patient, 63, two months post-stroke who suffered an infarct in the proximal segment of the middle cerebral artery. There are four aspects that will be considered within this essay. The first aspect will address primary and secondary body structures that have been impaired. The second section will look Circuit Class Therapy (CCT) as a form of treatment through critical appraisal of two relevant research papers. The next question to be addressed will…

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