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  • Essay On Chilean Earthquake

    Earthquakes Shira Miller Earthquakes are amazing natural disasters. An earthquake is a sudden and violent shaking of the ground. They are a big threat to people because they cause tsunamis, fires, and buildings to crumble on people. One of the biggest earthquakes was the great Chilean earthquake. The quake happened on May 22, 1960 near Valdiva ( The damage that the great Chilean earthquake caused (including tsunami damage) cost more than 500 million U.S. dollars ( After…

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  • 1906 Earthquake Of 1906 Essay

    40 seconds, the second started about 10 seconds after the first one stopped (Barrymore). The second quake was the big one lasting 25 seconds, the estimation is 7.8 to 8.3 magnitude (Barrymore). This was the result of the tectonic plates in the San Andreas fault line moving past each other 15 feet(annual average is 2 inches a year) (Barrymore). The impacted area was 300, 00 square miles along the fault line. The damage was beyond extensive destroying water/sewer pipes, crippling telephone and…

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  • Mark Twain's Essay On The San Francisco Earthquake

    The San Francisco earthquake in 1906 was almost completely destroyed San Francisco. Buildings collapsed, fires were spread, and the city was left in shock and devastation. Mark Twain and Jack London each wrote an essay on the San Francisco earthquake describing the events that took place during, and after the earthquake; however, they each took a different approach stylistically on writing the essays. Mark Twain’s essay on the San Francisco earthquake was written to be humorous and was more…

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  • The 2010 Haiti Earthquake

    We've always known the horrific damage earthquakes can cause. The 1906 earthquake in San Francisco is famously known for destroying much of the city and causing the death of many people. Similarly and more recently the 2010 Haiti Earthquake was a reminder of the awe-inspiring damage natural disasters like earthquakes can do. The 2010 Haiti Earthquake is also an excellent reminder of what kind of harm earthquakes can do if the community effect is ill prepared. This may be a very important…

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  • Symbolism In Pan's Labyrinth

    Stephen King, the king of horror, attended a screening of Pan’s Labyrinth next to director Guillermo del Toro. According to Del Toro, King squirmed when the Pale Man chased Ofelia. Del Toro compared that the experience was like winning an Oscar (Davis). Guillermo Del Toro’s 2006 fantasy film Pan’s Labyrinth follows Ofelia in 1944 Francoist Spain where she discovers the magical underworld of the Faun. The film is an allegorical story, whose ending can be interpreted in different ways. This essay…

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  • Pan's Labyrinth Film Analysis

    Pans Labyrinth originally called “El laberinto del fauno” was directed Mexican born director Guillermo Del Toro known for his love of producing dark fantasy movies such as Hell boy sequel blade and the devils backbone, all which consist of dark fantasies he. Del Toro didn’t just make Pans labyrinth just because of his creative imagination but also because it represented part of his life growing up as a child. Pans Labyrinth was produced in the year 2006 but the film is set in the 1990s…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci Painting Analysis

    famous painting in the history of Western art. The net worth of the painting is in the billions of dollars. The art quality produced looks comparable to a real person and it is a portrait of a woman named Lisa Gherardini she was married to Francesco Del Giocondo. The smile of the woman remains quite a mystery to countless people it is dated back to the 16th century before painter Leonardo da Vinci died. The painting was done using oil, which was common during this century. Descriptive The…

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  • El Laberinto Del Fano Film Analysis

    Mixing Fantasy and History in El Laberinto del Fuano “El Laberinto del Fuano” is a film by Guillermo Del Toro that combines fantasy with reality. Set in post-civil war Spain, the film follows the story of Ofelia, a young girl obsessed with fairy stories, who is told by a faun that she is in reality the Princess Moana of the underworld, and must complete three tasks in order to return to her kingdom. The use of fantasy in the film does not trivialise the historical standpoint, but rather…

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  • War Depicted In Pan's Labyrinth

    that life isn't like your fairy tales. The world is a cruel place. And you'll learn that, even if it hurts.” ( carmen Ofelias mom), Even if it hurts was what Ofelia discovered on her own and losing it all in the film “Pan’s Labyrinth” by Guillermo del toro . A film created to highlight the ongoing battles lived within the people of spain after the Spanish civil war. The reality of war and the magical world encountered creates a path for itself within the movie. The monsters seen in the film…

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  • Essay On San Andreas Fault

    The San Andreas Fault is perhaps the most dangerous and destructive fault lines in North America. Passing through one of the most populous areas of the United States, the San Andreas Fault line stretches nearly the entire western seaboard of California (Lynch). The infamous earthquake of San Francisco of 1906 is likely the reason the fault has been so ill-reputed. Furthermore, the fault has been relatively inactive and the chance for a large rupture which could span hundreds of kilometers…

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