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  • Architectural Design Relationship And Principles Of Interor Design And Urban Space Design Case Study

    1 Introduction . The scope of this thesis is analyzing and understanding the architectural design relationship and principles of interor design and urban square design. The scope is going to analyze the design principle relationship similaritites and differences between urban square design and interior space design. Urban squares are the examples of urban design principle in architectural area. Urban square design is result of the urban space design.The thesis is going to focus on urban square…

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  • The Importance Of The UK Building Regulations

    This produced a series of controls, regarding the construction and condition of buildings. At the same time a list of British Standards were introduced to indicate that the various aspects complied. Unfortunately these were not made mandatory and many Local Authorities stuck to their own standards. This was the first step towards the Building Regulations we have today. In 1961 the government removed the power of the Local Authorities to make building bye-laws. This meant that the Ministry were…

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  • What Are Some Ethical Issues In Construction

    FINAL INTERNSHIP REPORT I am Karan Chugh a graduate student in Construction Management at Texas A&M University with an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering. I have two years of work experience in construction of multifamily and Homebuilding in India. I started working as an intern at G2 Builders Corporation in Austin, TX from May 18, 2015 for a period of 12 weeks until August 21, 2015. G2 Builders Corporation is a commercial general contractor primarily in Hospitality and Retail…

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  • Environment Essay: Sustainable Best Practice In Construction

    Sustainable Best Practice in Construction • Locally sourced construction materials (a) What is it? Locally sourced construction materials are materials produced within a specific distance from the construction site; different certification programs specify a variety of distance. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’s (LEED) definition of locally sourced is, “building materials or products that have been extracted, harvested, or recovered, as well as manufactured, within 500 miles of…

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  • Construction Engineer Research Paper

    Construction engineers fulfill many project duties. They work on many project types and can earn an impressive salary. Those salaries come with matching responsibilities. Therefore, firms may look for construction engineers with special traits. Once employed, there are several career paths that a construction engineer may take, each with increasing responsibilities and salaries. Construction Engineering Day to Day On the job, a construction firm may hold a civil engineer responsible for…

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  • Roof Truss Design

    The development in the construction industry has made engineers, architects and designers very creative and ambitious in building projects. The designs are becoming innovative and attractive. To achieve this, tremendous amount of weight placed was on materials leading to their inability to bear this significant weight. Consequently, to be able to achieve the structural design and strength engineers developed the truss. Trusses are web-shaped structures that are able to bear tremendous weight.…

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  • Essay On Sheet Metal Roofing

    Sheet Metal Roofing If you are in the midst of planning your next new home construction or roof replacement project, you may have come across sheet metal roofing in your research. To most homeowners who do not live in major urban centers, the idea of sheet metal roofing on a residential home may seem foreign. However, sheet metal roofing is experiencing a real moment in the residential home construction world. Sheet metal roofing is exactly what it sounds like: it is a roof made-up of…

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  • The Importance Of Hapti Haptic Architecture

    arts, but the way we perceive by touch and inner body experience. This is imperative to architects trying to satisfy clients and make their lives feeling more sensuous and comfortable mentally. Our psychological dependence on comfort is essential for our well-beings. We cannot live in a hectic space, overwhelmed by too much sensory information at a time, thus this make people feel negative and moody. As architects, by studying haptic architecture, we can input into our design and make people…

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  • Lee Marine Engineering Case Study

    TABLE OF CONTENT PAGE INTRODUCTION 1 • BACKGROUND OF: - LUMUT LEE MARINE ENGINEERING SHIPYARD 2 - UNIKL MIMET SYIPYARD 4 COMPARISION BETWEEN TWO SHIPYARDS 6 CONCLUSION 7 RECOMMENDATION 8 REFERENCE Introduction Shipbuilding refers to the construction of ships that able of floating. Shipbuilding typically takes place in a shipyard by specialized engineers, boat builders, and other marine experts. Shipyard, a place which ships are constructs and…

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  • Outline: The Language Of Art And Architecture

    Chapter Two Outline A. THE LANGUAGE OF ART AND ARCHITECTURE I. The language of art and architecture is based on the formal elements and how those elements are presented. II. The main elements of art are line, light and value, color, texture and pattern, shape, volume, along with much more. III. Architecture also has a structural side, which is how buildings are constructed. B. FORMAL ELEMENTS I. The formal elements are the basics of what makes up art and architecture. • Line: I. In art, a line…

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