Causes And Consequences In Construction In Kuwait

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1.0 Introduction
Public and private sectors play’s a great role in the construction industry because it’s highly important to Kuwait. Kuwait’s budget that’s designated by the government is really huge which assigned to huge governmental projects, therefore any cause of delay must be well studied to bypass any primary losses. This report discuss causes and effects of delays in construction projects evaluated by Electromechanical Engineers in both Public and Private sector projects in Kuwait.In this report we are trying to find out the problems and solutions to the important and very important issues that occurs in Kuwait construction in both public and private sectors of the construction industry

2.0 Evaluation of answers and reasons
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According to the questioner, client’s decision making progress and lack of design drawings coordination is the main cause fordelay in construction project. The other important causes include poor site management and planning, unrealistic contractor program, poor scheduling of subcontractors, lack of contractors and staff training on construction management techniques, design changed by client and difficulty of working due to environmental factors.

Solution for the main causes of delay: solution to first problem is convincing the client to speed up the process because he spends money and time without construction progress and thus loses money. The solution to second problem is the Engineers should have regular meetings and coordination 's to ensure a proper
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2.2 The main effects of delay in construction project delivery in Kuwait (Private Project)

The important effects of delays are project completion extension, quality degradation and claims of contractor.

Solution for the important effects of delay are: The first solution is add penalty if the project is delayed so the contractor would stick to the time schedule and finish the project on time, second solution is to have a site manager to control the poor quality and makes sure that everything is up to quality and specifications, the third solution is to reject the claim and the contractor should stick to the specification in the contract provided by the owner.
3.0 Comparison
3.1 Causes of Delay (Public and Private Project)

Slow client’s decision making progress and poor site management and planning, lack of design drawings coordination, lack of contractors and staff training on construction management techniques and difficulty of working due to environmental factors and design drawings errors
3.2The main effects of delay (Public and Public

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