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  • Importance Of Becoming An Architect

    attention. Well that one person happens to become an architect. An architect is the one responsible for the remarkable places, they’re the ones who designed the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Empire State building, Sydney Opera House, or the best one of all, the Burj Al Arab Hotel. All these amazing buildings were designed by architects, and man, don’t they get paid for it. Homes that families live in, schools students learn in, malls people shop in, etc., architects are the fantastic Einstein for these…

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  • Construction Of Construction And Post Construction Stage

    The average ranking is done by considering mean RII of the different level of impact on pre-construction, construction and post-construction stage. Table 4 also shows mean RII of all stages and ranked overall causes of delay. From the zoning idea the top ten key causes of delay were investigated and ranked as corruption, unavailability of utilities in site, inflation or price increases in materials, lack of quality materials, late design and design documents, slow delivery of material, late in…

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  • 3D Modeling Research Paper

    Technology ferries imagination closer to reality, the best example to reinstate this is, how 3D modeling has changed the presentation world of architecture designs. It's like pulling out the multi-dimensional images from your brain and painting them on a paper to see how it looks. The impact 3D modeling has, on presenting architectural services is the most transforming thing to have happened. Architecture and construction businesses started using 3D models on job sites and presentations of…

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  • Louis Kahn Architecture

    short of fully grasping the visionary and profound qualities they possess. Kahn’s poetry allows the reader to begin to understand his theories and the major elements that he held essential in the study of architecture. Some architects may think that the goal of being an architect is to merely deliver good design, but this is shown to be just a factor through the lenses of Kahn’s writings. Louis Kahn reveals that architecture is not fulfilled unless it is centered around the humans that use it.…

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  • Rickley Cottage Case Study

    This will make sure the project is completed on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of our client. The project will include gathering information, architectural design plans, materials list and required permits. Communicating updates with architects, venders, contractors, Mr. Rickley, the Island Home Club (IHC) and other stakeholders. The project will incorporate the interests of all stakeholders…

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  • Venturi: Complexity And Contradiction In Architecture

    Venturi, Complexity and Contradiction Venturi addresses the idea of how architecture promotes complexity and refers to it as an art. The art is in the process of construction and thinking when it comes to designing. He also expressed how he is against rationalization and rejecting complexity in architecture. I think he points out an interesting view when he says "I am for messy vitality over obvious unity", what I understand and find interesting about this is the idea of preferring the…

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  • San Benito Heating Case Study

    a. Consider authorization of a contract with San Benito Heating and Sheet Metal for roof repairs to the Community Services Building. (NTE $5,184): E.D. Flores reached out to Steel Solutions for an additional proposal but was not provided a proposal. E.D. Flores requested authorization to issue the contract to San Benito Heating. A motion was made to approve the contract with San Benito Heating. If Royce does respond back to CSDC please let board know. M/ Diaz S/ Wright V/U b. Consider…

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  • Importance Of Zoning Codes In Building Heights

    Zoning codes attempt to achieve the planning objectives through control of land use , building heights, lot or building area and the population density . Zoning codes in land use determine the type of occupancy permitted in each zone for example :- residential areas, industrial areas business, commercial areas ,recreational areas and educational areas. There are different colors that is used in land use maps .The yellow color for residential areas . The red color for commercial areas . The…

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  • Importance Of Architecture In Capital Cities

    architecture has a language also through which we can identify the culture and society of a particular era. Architecture also discloses the desires, power struggles and material culture of a society along with the aesthetic and formal presence of an architect. As anthropologist Victor Buchli asserts, “Often the way to understand a given society is to understand the physical and, by metamorphic extension, the social architecture of its organization.” Where the architecture is employed, it…

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  • Cost Reimbursement Disadvantages

    Cost reimbursement is another alternative contract in which the contractor is reimbursed for the actual cost and fixed costs which incurred for the work .Cost-reimbursable contracts might be used for the projects in which the general scope and nature of the work are defined, but there is uncertainty in quantities or execution. This type of contract is risky for client because under cost-reimbursable contracts, all uncertainties in the scope of project are incurred by the client and the final…

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