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I am just finishing my first year at CTE. I am a junior in high school, and I need to start thinking about what career I should pursue right now. In CTE I am in Building Technology which involves framing, little bit of Plumbing and a little bit electrical. I am interested in Heating and ventilating for plumbing, but on the other hand I am also interested in construction work like rough building. I don 't know much about Plumbing at all, but I know a little bit more on the construction piece and how to build a roof, walls and Laying It All Out and cutting it. I even know a little bit on Timber framing. I am a little interested in plumbing because one day the VHV Heating and ventilation company came into our class and start talking about what they do and what opportunities they have. Also the VHV is hiring during the summer. I thought maybe I should check it out as a learning experience and get paid at the same time. Should I pursue a career in plumbing or construction? To figure out that question I’ll need to research the following questions.
What job opportunities are available?
What insurance can I get?
What local companies are around?
What is the average paycheck?
What education do I need?
What are common injuries on the job?
How are the hours?
How would I go and get a apprenticeship?
What is the
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Aspiring plumbers normally start as apprentices and advance to journeymen after attaining the state-mandated years of on-the-job experience. The highest level is the master plumber, which requires experience as a journeyman plumber. (chorn) It seems like a lot of work trying to become a master but it is worth it in the long run. In construction there system is not like the plumbing system it does not have an apprenticeship or masters it is more like you learn as you go and once you have learn a lot more you get payed more and can do a lot more than what you would start out

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