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  • Personal Narrative: El Rincon De Don Pedro

    I had never seen the ocean before. I had seen charcos or “puddles”, as they call it here. I had seen ponds and wells as well, but never the ocean. You see, my homeland is in the center between land and the ocean. My homeland is called El Rincon de Don Pedro, located in the state of Michoacan, Mexico. From El Rincon de Don Pedro to the ocean, it’s about 572 km or 355.424 miles, about a 7 hr. 31 min. drive. My family and I couldn’t afford to drive such distance. We didn’t have enough money to…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Day It Came

    alone with just my dog. September 21st was when it began I was sleeping when I heard a loud bag I could tell it was a gunshot I went to go turn on the TV and when I turned it on it was on the news it said the world was being invaded by aliens. I thought to my self…

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  • The Problem Of Illegal Immigration To The United States

    foreign countries are attracted to this nation, and within these people, illegal immigrants are also popular. Base on the Department of Homeland Security data: 11.4 million illegal aliens were living in the United States in 2012 (DHS, March 2013). According to a new Pew Research Center estimated that the illegal alien population in 2014 was 11.3 million (Pew, July 2015). They immigrated to the United States through an illegal process, which affects the nation in several ways, including the…

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  • Border Security Arguments

    Johnson also stated in his speech that he had his own immigration reform idea called the Comprehensive, Common Sense reform; this reform is like the S.744 bill, granting 11.5 million people citizenship and making changes to secure the border further. He believes that putting more money into border security will help lower the percentage of illegal immigrant’s crossing over into the country. Both Conservatives and Liberals want to have a secure border and to protect our country, but the problem…

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  • Criminalization Of Immigration Analysis

    According o the power point the author states “Criminalization of Immigration refers to policies which make it a crime subject to deportation for undocumented entrants who have been deported to re-enter and for undocumented entrants or permanent resident aliens to remain in the United States after deportation” (Healey, 2013).One category under criminalization of immigration is basically the restrictions to reduce immigration (deported individuals) or in some cases discriminate against…

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  • Who Are Illegal Immigrants?

    Society mostly calls these people illegal immigrants or undocumented, but the professional way that they are called is illegal alien. Yes, they are called “illegal alien” since they are not citizens of the United States. But after many years of people trying to convince the government to have deferred action to allow young adults have a green card or become U.S. citizens. The President Obama created…

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  • Should Immigrants Be Deported

    Deportation and Stopping Immigrants Enforcing the law for immigration has being in the news lately. Especially in the debate between Clinton and Trump. There is a lot of reasons on why people think that illegal immigrants should be deported, a lot of immigrants have being deported, and there is ways to try and keep them off the country. Illegal immigrants should be deported and kept out for three main reasons. First, they pose a threat to the safety of legal citizens in areas where there are…

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  • Border Patrol In America

    Illegal immigration is a prominent issue that has plagued and affected all Americans for decades. An illegal immigrant is anyone who migrates to a country for permanent residence without providing any form of identification or acquiring citizenship. Many problems develop as a result of illegal immigration including overpopulation, risen crime rates, and unemployment. Because it cannot be stopped altogether, the American government must control the flow of illegal immigrants into the country in…

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  • Illegal Immigration: The Great Wall Of Mexico

    the problem of illegal immigrants coming to this country unauthorized but are still able to get a job because businesses don 't want to pay citizen the actual wage. “Pew Hispanic Center puts the number of illegal aliens in the workforce at eight million out of the 11 million illegal aliens”( These are people that come into this country by sneaking through the borders of Mexico. In recent event Donald Trump has said to put up a wall between the United States and Mexico to reduce…

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  • Immigration Pros And Cons

    actions have been taken by our government to address the problems with immigration, while aiming to look out for their well-being as well. Higher education for immigrant children has been an ongoing issue. In 2001, Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, or the DREAM Act bill, was first introduced by both Republican and Democrats, but failed to pass in Congress (Olivares). A big push in 2010 to reintroduce a modified version of the Dream Act failed the necessary sixty percent…

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