Unemployer Violations

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In the United States, controlling the flow of undocumented immigration has become a top priority issue of great concern to liberal democracies in the government. The constant influx of illegal immigrants entering the country has turned into a critical issue and has proponents of stiff immigration control arguing that the increase in undocumented immigrants who are entering the United States is creating severe problems. This problem had lead to the creation of various reforms. A tool that was created to fix this issue was the implementation of employer sanctions. These sanctions on employers who knowingly hired unauthorized workers was a policy tool that was used to have less undocumented immigration. Before 1986, there had been no federal law established that prohibited the hiring and employment of unauthorized …show more content…
This idea was greatly promoted by Congressman Peter Rodino who believed that, “the illegal alien displaces American workers, depresses wages, and burdens the welfare rolls” (Hayes p.49). This comment was directed towards illegal Mexicans who Rodino believed would takeaway the jobs of many Americans. This fear caused the creation of employer sanctions that would limit the amount and type of illegal Mexicans that could be hired. Mexicans were viewed as an underclass of cheap laborers that could be used and deported at the convenience of the United Sates. As mentioned by Hayes, “ sanctions are needed because a large underclass is harmful to the U.S.” (p. 52). Mexican immigrants were not treated equally and were viewed as an impoverished and uneducated group of individuals who had entered the country to takeaway the jobs of American citizens. The fear towards this large underclass contributed to different types of discrimination towards illegal and documented Mexican

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