Our Fear Of Immigrants By Jeremy Adams Smith Analysis

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Discrimination is an unavoidable oppression that transpires across the world. The U.S., a country known as the “Land of Opportunity,” is perceived by immigrants, people of different origin from different countries, as a gateway to obtaining a better life. However, immigrants may encounter many obstacles and ill-treatments that will keep them from progressing. “Our Fear of Immigrants,” an article by Jeremy Adams Smith, unveils why the United States government and some of its native-born citizens are prejudiced towards immigrants. Smith’s proclamation is to correct people’s irrational fear of immigrants and to develop a higher sense of empathy in people. Smith floods his article with reasons, terminology, and perspectives as to why the U.S. government …show more content…
government and some of its native-born citizens reject immigrants’ entry into their country. The article implies an idea of immigrants triggering a great deal of extortion, fear, and health concerns among Americans. Smith incorporates Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton’s— a psychology professor at the University of California-Berkley who studies stereotypes and intergroup relations—perception of immigrants entering other countries into his article. According to Rodolfo, “When [immigrants] arrive in the midst of a stable population that’s already worked out who gets what, the most common human reaction is to hog resources, not to share.” In other words, Rodolfo believes that immigrants are equivalent to scroungers or leeches, whichever one is more repulsive. Smith’s method to include Rodolfo’s claim characterizes how some people are egocentric, narcissistic beings who lack empathy and acceptance of newcomers, therefore makes Smith’s proclamation feasible; therefore, proving it to be effective. Rodolfo fails to specify a plausible reason to support that immigrants are obstructing society by extracting Americans’ resources because it is

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