America's Long History Of Immigrant Scaremongering By Jamie Bouie

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The article by Jamie Bouie “America’s Long History of Immigrant Scaremongering” starts with conservatives claiming that the influx of young immigrants, is a danger to American’s public health. Bouie than goes on to write about how some tension comes from conservative media figures stoking the flames. Bouie than states that this is not the first time in American history of using public health to scaremongering. “Bouie cites ‘Asians were portrayed as feeble and infested with hookworm, Mexicans as lousy, and eastern European Jews as vulnerable to trachoma ...’ Scholars Howard Markel and Alexandra Minna Stern”. Bouie writes it was not until World War 2 that perspective of European immigrants changed. Immigration hysteria return in the 1980s and again in the 1990s. In the 2000s the idea of immigrants as disease carrier’s returned coupled with bedbugs. Bouie argues that right-wing lawmakers arguing about disease screening only spreads fear and hatred for immigrants, which comes from a history of nativism and prejudice disguised as concern for public health.
I agree with Bouie’s claim, that Americans have a long history of immigrant
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Bouie use examples of different ethnic groups who were targeted and how many conservative media outlets fan the flames of hatred and fear. Bouie also makes note that it is easy to find information that contradicts the information from the media outlets. I agree with Bouie that American that has a long history of nativism and prejudice. The reasons why I agree with Bouie is that American politicians like to make statements to gain recognition, also Americans often how issues understanding why the immigrants come to America in the first place. After reading this article it forever change how I view

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