Social Pull Effects Of Immigration

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In recent years, immigration has continued to be the subject of heated national debate. More than one million immigrants arrive each year, bearing a very significant impact on American life. The latest data collected by the Census Bureau show that the last decade was the highest in terms of immigrant arrivals in American history. For both countries of origin and countries of destination, immigration fosters cultural exchange and is directly related to globalization. Several advantages of migration include new opportunities that ease the effect of unemployment in the country of origin, transfer of technology, and increased trade. These changes stemming from immigration create social transformation, which is defined as a fundamental shift in …show more content…
The “push factor” of Mexican immigrants who come to the United States is to escape problems in Mexico, which include a stagnant economy, high crime levels, corrupt government and widespread drug use.The “pull factors” for Mexican immigrants, especially families are safety, job opportunities, and a higher quality of education for their children. Many of these immigrants enter the America illegally, which often requires them to cross a large desert that separates Mexico and America. In recent years, illegal immigrants have become one of America’s most vulnerable and targeted groups. Immigration policy in the U.S. has become more criminalized for undocumented immigrants. Immigration violations used to fall under civil law, but now they fall under criminal law. This has caused many problems for working undocumented immigrants. An economic demand for low-wage labor and the immigrants’ lack of strong English-speaking skills leads many immigrants to take dirty, dangerous, and low-paying work. For employment purposes, Mexican immigrants have usually borrowed social security numbers, however, after the tragedy of 9-11, the government has deemed this practice as a criminal felony. Two pieces of legislation, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Illegal Immigration Responsibility Act and Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act nationalized the limit for social security coverage. Undocumented laborers who violate the social security laws can be detained for long periods of time with prisoners, separating them from their families. In May of 2008, the Bush administration conducted the largest crackdown on illegal immigration, and 389 immigrants were arrested at a meat-packing plant in Iowa, for false social security numbers. The

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