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  • The Virtue Of Emotion In Film Making By Alan Rickman

    “Actors are agents of change. A film, a piece of theater, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. It can change the world.” Quoted by Alan Rickman, Rickman reminds us how impactful this multimodal art form can be to the eye of the beholder. Emotion is a virtue when experiencing professional production, as actors can give and take this crucial sense, it seems to grow as they continue their role. Emotion is played by the actor but left for understanding by the audience. As stage right…

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  • Essay On Taxidermy

    The controversial and thought provoking installation artist and activist, Angela Singer uses her process of redefining the purpose of taxidermy to interpret the preconceived perceptions of animal violence, gender roles in society and art as well as the viewers experience. Since the early 1990’s taxidermy has taken the reins in popular culture, especially in contemporary art. Artists are now using taxidermy in their work as a unique and yet growing medium to be displayed in exhibits. “Singer’s…

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  • Lagan Weir Poem Analysis

    (Groarke, 56, 22-26). Yet even with this meticulous care, the only way to escape the confines of the poem is “by way of leave”, or by flight. This is also, therefore, the only way to leave the physical world and reach the metaphysical one. Alan Gillis has a contrasting perception of birds; birds are not a beautiful part of nature, but another disorderly part of it. No poem is more explicit in its view of birds than the poem ‘Lagan Weir’, which is one of…

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  • Postmodernism

    1. INTRODUCTION In the 21st century there was an emerging movement of art Postmodernism (Palmer 2014). Postmodernism was derived from its predecessor modernism (Palmer 2014). Palmer (2014) stated that postmodernism has too many complex ideologies and cannot be defined. Nevertheless, there was a claim by Nicolas Bourriaud that postmodernism has ended and divided to post-postmodernism (Altermodern 2009). The following essay will contrast against Bourriaud’s claim. It will provide brief historical…

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  • Los Lunas Animal Hospital Case Study

    Los Lunas Animal Hospital Did you know the word veterinarian comes from the Latin veterinae meaning "working animals"? Los Lunas Animal Hospital is a small animal veterinarian hospital. Their main care of animals is cats and dogs, but they have also cared for rabbits, pigs, ferrets, and goats. Los Lunas Animal Hospital is located at 419 Main St. SW Los Lunas, NM 87031. You can go to the hospital to check it out or even call the hospital. They are open Monday – Wednesday and Fridays 8-5pm. On…

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  • Cause Of Animal Abuse

    Impulse purchasing is one cause for animal abuse. Impulse purchasing in this case is the unexpected decision to purchase an animal base on what it looks like. Cases with purchasing animals like this can often lead to animal abuse. This can happen because the buyer does not realize the care for the breed at the time of purchase. Anyone could buy an animal because it looks adorable, but if the buyer does not know what is expected of that particular breed or the proper care, it could result in…

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  • Theme Of Propaganda In Animal Farm

    Animal Farm The book "Animal Farm" is written by George Orwell which provides a though provoking symbolization of the usage of propaganda. The book starts by introducing a character called Old Major who is a pig and is respected by all the animals. He instigates the farm animals by telling them that the root of their problems is human beings. Every farm animal agrees to the Old Major’s proposition since they all view him as a respectable yet wise man. This creates a drift between the humans and…

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  • Similarities Between Citizen Kane And The Great Gatsby

    Many people are living in America share the same the dreams and cultures. People share the same dreams just like happiness, equality, freedom, democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity. In America, people live under an idealism that money and happiness will always translate to happiness. The American Dream tells the world that these things are simply the only things that are needed in order to live in a life without emptiness, however, the characters from the stories strongly explain that this…

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  • What Role Did Alan Menken Play In The 1990's

    Legends that are best recalled by musical pieces, including passionate and in depth lyrics. Alan Menken's played a crucial role in the Disney Renaissance in the 1990’s.He not only produced over multimillion dollar musical hits, but also contributed to the idea of letting the music guide viewers with emotions and understanding a character's action.Therefore, the most influential musician is Alan Menken. Alan Menken was the first to successfully introduce the idea of transforming Broadway…

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  • V For Vendetta Themes

    I chose to read the graphic narratives by Alan Moore- The Watchmen and V for Vendetta. I also went ahead and chose to view the film of V for Vendetta. Both of these novels are written by the notorious Alan Moore and share some similar themes and style. Alan Moore is an iconic comic-book writer from the 1980s. Some would say he changed the way the world views superheroes (Marchese 1). Some major themes that both stories share would be monsters inside of us and freedom and anarchy. The central…

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