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  • Analysis Of The Allegory Of The Matrix

    The 1999 film by Andy and Lana Wachowski, The Matrix, introduced a generation to an important epistemological question: How can a person be certain of what his senses tell him about the world he lives in? This question, explored modernly in the film by portraying reality as nothing more than a computer simulation implanted into humans’ sensory receptors by a race of intelligent super-computers, is nevertheless an idea that has intrigued philosophical thinkers for many ages. For example, in 1641,…

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  • Characteristics Of Intelligence: The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence

    To be able to write in depth about Artificial Intelligence, the readers must first know what it is and how it works. First, some important terms need defining. Artificial Intelligence or AI is a, “... subfield of computer science that focuses on creating computer software that imitates human learning and reasoning” (Blackwell and Manar 1). Different from most computer programs, Artificial Intelligence does not use a predetermined step system with instructions, otherwise known as algorithms.…

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  • Analysis: The Valkyrie Robot

    This generation we have the most advanced technology than we ever had, we have new products that help us do virtually everything. N.A.S.A has created a new robot called the Valkyrie that can save you from disaster, and even complete missions. The Valkyrie is of much use, and it is mainly designed for the DARPA competition; DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. As you can see here we are trying to create robots and machine to help us to function better and protect us, and…

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  • J. Watson Computer System

    Watson Watson is a computer system that was designed and built by IBM in order to compete on Jeopardy, an American TV quiz show, against human contestants at an expert level live on the show. Watson was named after IBM founder Thomas J. Watson. IBM Research have set out objectives to develop computer science with regard to pushing the boundaries of computer technology so as to advance the areas such as business, society and of course science. In order to achieve, this IBM Research took 3 years…

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  • The Turing Test

    Turing Test--The beginning of Artificial Intelligence In the past half century, Turing Test is being a controversial barrier in the study of artificial intelligence. The AI program cannot achieve the satisfactory standing due to the restriction of computing chip and storage, the limits of programming language, and the lack of creativity, which leads to an insoluble result. With the continuous development of science and technology, most problems will be solved in the future. However, some issues…

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  • How Did Alan Turing Change The World

    Alan Turing, The Man’s Mind Of Enigma Of Computer Technology, Changed Modern Society, And The Outcome Of WWII In December 1941 Nazi Germany, and Japan declared war on the United States, and though this was a groundbreaking event for everyone, it didn’t stop one man from London. During this given time of war there would be a hero from not the actual war itself, but emerge inside the mind of that person. Thus it impacted everything that was going on, and not just the war, but technology itself.…

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  • Alan Turing Computing Machine And Intelligence Analysis

    In his essay, “Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” Alan Turing poses the question, “Can machines think?” (433). Turing takes the position that machines can, indeed, think depending on how one defines thought. Although he states that he “should begin with the definitions of the meaning of the terms ‘machine’ and ‘think,’” he does not directly provide the reader with his definition of thought (433). Instead, he spends a lengthy amount of time exploring a replacement question that manifests…

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  • Computing Machinery And Intelligence By Alan Turing Analysis

    Turing first describes an “imitation game” that he believes would be a good test for artificial intelligence,6 then attempts to argue against the attacks that skeptics level on his artificial intelligence theories. He later admits that he “has no very convincing arguments of a positive nature to support my views,”7 as technology has not yet caught up with the concepts that he proposes. Turing 's work, published less than a decade before the creation…

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  • The Influence Of Mathematics In Movies

    the struggle behind the character’s failures. The first hour of The Imitation Game demonstrates the growing frustration of the team trying to break the enigma code. They try their hardest in every possible way they can, but they do not succeed until Turing miraculously discovers that the machine must be programmed to a word or phrase that it would be able to recognize in most, if not all, Nazi messages. I think the film has a decent way of portraying the mathematics, but it could explain more…

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  • Consciousness Definition Essay

    The topic of why humans are the way we are is one that has caused some of the greatest thinkers of human history to spend years pondering. Along with this pondering, questions have risen that has caused many controversies over the years. The questions include things such as “What is the mind?” “Where is it found?” “Why do we experience what we do?” “How do we know what I am seeing and experiencing is the same thing that you are experiencing?” And perhaps one of the biggest questions that has…

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