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  • Women Should Be In The Military Essay

    especially in the military. For years, there have been thousands of debates about whether women should be allowed to fight in combat or not. They work as hard as men, willing to risk their life for the country but there are people Despite the fact that women have been serving in the military since 1775, there are people still believe that women should be excluded from the ground combat and gives many reasons to prove their opinion. They argue that women do not have the physical ability and…

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  • How Did Beowulf Become Strong Or Courageous

    Beowulf encounters many difficult battles through his lifetime, many of the battles would have been a failure if Beowulf hadn't been strong and courageous. The monsters he faced weren't just simple creatures, they were some of the biggest and the baddest. The first battle that Beowulf encounter involved a demon named Grendel, this battle took place because Grendel use to go in the mead-hall at night, take men and kill them. He could take up to thirty men at once. He would attack the men in the…

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  • Respect, Loyalty And Responsibility In The Military

    United States of America, land of the free. Our entire country’s history is based on people who fought for what they believed in, who fought for freedom. One of the main reasons that we won the revolutionary war, is because everyone in what was to become the United States of America, fought as one, everyone took their share, and fought together. Taking part in the military teaches individuals how to stand up for not only themselves but also for others and what they believe in. It also helps to…

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  • Weapons In The Dark Ages

    only the flail has a chain connected to the spike ball at the end of the shaft. These weapons of war are a part of one of the biggests interests in the study of the Dark Ages. Learning about Middle Age warfare and its weapons is fundamental in the combat we’ve used for centuries. Even though some of their practices are a little outdated, the weapons made popular during the Dark Ages advanced the skill level of the soldier and the effectiveness of weapons during this…

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  • Good Vs. Evil In Beowulf, A New Telling

    “I am not as tall, as you see, and my enemies liken my eyes to the bats. But the bat knows well enough where he is going, and so do I” said Beowulf. In the book Beowulf, A New Telling, it tells about a battle between good and evil. Beowulf is a fighter, but is kind, and he uses his weaknesses with power to fight evil and protect his people from danger. Beowulf has had bad eyesight from being stung by bees in the face when he was a kid. He was named Beowulf because the name Beowulf means bee…

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  • Bravery In Beowulf

    Beowulf, a Geat, comes to the king of the Danes, Hrothgar, and explains that he will step up to protect his people from the horrid monster that has been terrorizing the Danes land for twelve winters. Bravery is quite important when it comes to being a great leader. To be a leader one must not appear to be cowardly. He ought to stand tall and strong to defend his friends, such as Beowulf did. He proves his bravery by fighting off the appalling monster, Grendel, with his bare hands creating a…

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  • Wildfires In Beowulf

    In Beowulf, the author states on Page 41, Line 689 that when the dragon came, “The people suffered, everyone Lived in terror, ...” The story remains the same when wildfires come near human settlements. Obviously, society should expect an extreme wildfire to occur once or twice a year, but with wildfires so commonplace they burn millions of acres every year, there has to be change. According to, since 1960 there have been four years where wildfires have burned over 9 million acres,…

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  • Samurai And Knights Dbq Essay

    The samurai and knights are one of the most skilled warriors that has ever existed. This essay will discuss whether a samurai or knight would win in a battle against each other. While knights and samurai have many similarities, in one battle, the advantage would be to the samurai and this can be seen in weapons, beliefs, and training. To begin with, the first way that the samurais have an advantage is because of their weapons. For example, in document D, “Samurai did not wear armor on their…

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  • Samurai Vs Knights

    Compare and contrast essay Imagine yourself walking and then you see a man with two swords and walking straight towards you, it is a samurai, a warrior of feudal Japan. Then you see a man with full body armor and a sword, it is a knight, who do you think is a better warrior. It will be on their armor and weapons, their education and how both of them treated women. I hope you enjoy. The first one is their weapons and armor. The samurai had a mask to scare the enemy. It was made to look…

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  • For Cause And Comrades: Why Men Fought In The Civil War?

    In the book For Cause & Comrades: Why Men Fought In The Civil War by James McPherson there were many important motivations, along with differences and similarities in motivation between Union and Confederate soldiers. McPherson wrote this book in order to figure out “What made these men do it? What motivated them to advance into that wall of fire? What caused them to go forward despite the high odds against coming out safely?” (McPherson, 3). He read through “at least 25,000 personal letters…

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