Should Women Be Allowed In Combat

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Should Women be allowed in Combat?

Woman should be allowed in combat for many reasons. First of all allowing woman into combat situations would make our military more effective by putting talent into sections that were frowned upon before, it would help our forces become more modernized, putting women into combat situations would not break tradition because women have served in every war since the revolutionary war, and would put ability above gender. Allowing woman into combat situations would allow our combat units to be more effective in many different ways. Women who choose to become active combat soldiers, are unlikely to shirk their duty by becoming pregnant after a call-up as these women have willingly joined the service
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We are handicapping our military with outdated and unrealistic policies restricting the use of capable people. The blanket restriction for women limits the ability of commanders in theater to pick the most capable person for the job (“Should Women Be Allowed in Combat”- Sisters in Arms). If we widen the application pool for all jobs it will guarantee that there will be more willing recruits, something we desperately need. The most effective military is one where woman are integrated into all positions of the military. Commanders on the ground operations on active battlefields where the potential for engagement is direct ground combat is ever present where it is a clear line between enemy and friendly every soldier regardless of gender needs to be combat ready (“Woman in Combat”-Service Women) The changing nature of modern warfare and the critical role that women have played in mission success led to a historic policy change(“Women in Combat”-Service …show more content…
Removing the ban will formally acknowledge the changing realities for women at war, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. (“Should Women Be Allowed to Fight in Combat”-US News) It would be a huge step for the United States to take the ban off of women in combat units because it would show that we are gender neutral and that we do not favor one sex over the other. Woman make up more than fourteen percent of the armed forces, they should finally be permitted to serve in front-line combat units (“Report:Woman Should Finally Be Allowed in Combat”-CBS News). Fourteen percent seems like a small number but that number is growing and we should not punish them for trying to serve their country. Our people no matter male or female should be treated as equals at all times including times of war. With today’s battlefield and the way we are with ISIS and the war on terror, there are no front lines, and every unit regardless of size or mission has the potential to engage with the enemy. (“Should Women Be Allowed in Combat”-NTY) We are getting less and less recruits and can not allow our military to fall short when it comes to talent allowing women to accompany men on the battlefield will give us an edge that no other force has. Woman

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