Grendel's Story Of Beowulf As A Hero

In the stories of Beowulf, he is displayed as a hero in many instances. Mostly from major fights or battles he has won, when no one thought it would be possible. He most famously defeated Grendel, Grendel’s Mother and the Dragon. Each are very similar in the way he fought, and had their differences at the same time.
When Beowulf is decided he will fight the demon Grendel, he is very confident in himself. He knows his strength and he knows he is blessed with the ability from god. The night before the fight, Beowulf removes all of his armor and lays down his weapons beside of him, a sort of “forfeiting” of all his defenses before going to bed. The same night Grendel storms in the Heorot Hall and begins to tear things up, he eats one of Beowulf’s
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Furniture was destroyed as well as the interior of the Hall and eventually Grendel was defeated. Beowulf had torn his arm completely from his body, and Grendel had let out a piercing scream as he fled from the Heorot Hall back to the swamplands where he came from. Beowulf was victorious. This fight is very similar to others Beowulf is involved in because of his victory as well as the reasoning behind the battle. He does it to defend his fellow warriors and citizens from harm. However this is different because of the way he uses no weapons at all, just his bare hands.
In the second battle, Beowulf this time is fighting Grendel’s mother. She was furious after her son’s death and wanted revenge. She stormed into the Heorot Hall, killing warriors and stealing
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Earlier, a slave boy had wandered into the Dragon 's barrow and stole a golden goblet from a hoard of treasures the Dragon had piled up. The slave boy did not do this to try to buy his freedom, however to get his master to forgive him. However, the dragon was enraged, and every day flew out to attack the Geat people in search of the robber. In a brave stand, Beowulf decides he is the one fit to fight against this scaly reptile, and forms a band of twelve warriors including the slave boy who started the whole ordeal. Alongside Beowulf was his companion Wiglaf who could not stand to see Beowulf die in battle. They decide to be the main characters to fight the Dragon and end his terror. Later, the dragon attacks

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