Heroic Code In Beowulf

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Seamus Heaney’s translation of Beowulf retells the traditional story of the heroic Beowulf and his life. The society in early medieval Europe, described in Beowulf, revolve much around the heroic code and its impact on those in power and their people. The roles of the warriors in this society obviously revolves around the heroic code and all that follows. The warriors in this society must possess many characteristics in order to be seen as a good warrior and as following the heroic code. The characteristics of a warrior are exemplified very well in Beowulf himself and one of his kinsmen, Wiglaf. Their selflessness and bravery, among other things, makes them the ideal warrior. Unferth, a warrior for the Danes, is not a good example of …show more content…
Unfortunately, the monster Grendel hears the joyful noise from the hall and attacks it every night, killing its inhabitants. After countless nights of horror, Beowulf shows up and offers to help defeat Grendel. While Beowulf and his men are feasting in preparation to fight, Unferth, a Dane, begins to challenge Beowulf and his reputation. Beowulf corrects him with the truth and then Hrothgar leaves Heorot in Beowulf’s hands, a first for him as the Hall has always been in his control. When Grendel shows up, Beowulf defeats him barehanded, by ripping off his arm and hanging it in the hall. A victory feast happens, but the merriment is short lived as Grendel’s mother attacks. This causes Beowulf to venture to her undersea lair and kill her too. King Hrothgar and his people are very thankful and send Beowulf on his way. After many years, Beowulf is now the ruler of the Geats, and a thief disturbs a mighty dragon who then begins to terrorize Beowulf’s people. Knowing he is at the end of his life, Beowulf goes to slay the dragon, and does, but not before the dragon bites him and Beowulf dies as a result of his wound. His people throw him a great and respectable funeral because he was such a great ruler to

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