Beowulf Is Not An Epic Hero

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The epic hero named Beowulf is a warrior, who can do what no man can as he defeats life and death challenges. In his youth, Beowulf was considered a great warrior due to his strength and courage. For example, his fable swimming match with Breca to get to grendel 's mom was showing how strong he was and the Germanic heroic code of Loyalty, courtesy and pride. His battle with Grendel and Grendel’s mother validates his bravery as he faces three tremendous battles that help shape him into the epic hero he is known as today.
Beowulf young and courageous battles Grendel with ease, will never have any fearful vain and will never back down from any fight. Without any of his men Beowulf fights a powerful demon. Beowulf insists fighting without a weapons
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Beowulf fights every battle to protect his country. Beowulf takes the throne of Hrothgar when he passes away. Beowulf fights Grendel’s mother alone even in old age. By fighting the dragon alone he proves that he has developed his heroic qualities. beowulf fights the dragon alone to save his people. He prove himself as a good leader when he defeated the dragon. Some say that beowulf is not an epic hero because he wants glory for himself and no one else. Also that he didn 't care about the people that looked up to him or to the country that relies on his action for his heroic protection. However, Beowulf was depicting true heroism for his country and to the people by slaying the dragon. Beowulf searched for problems however real heros allow problems to find them. The heroic trait in beowulf only sought out problems because the people that looks up to him in his country would die if he didn 't. Beowulf is considered as an epic hero all of his action were for the sake of his people. However, all his goals and …show more content…
Beowulf grew old but still was tenacious. Beowulf was at the age of 80 insist on fighting the dragon for payment to the king of the danes. Beowulf pride and warrior code couldn 't let the people down. He receives a sword from the king and uses it in the battle. Beowulf enters the barrow to wake up the dragon. The fire from the dragon 's mouth melts the contribution from the king made beowulf useless of his weapon. Now beowulf is defenceless but still he continues to fight; beowulf gets bit by the dragon leaving him on his deathbed from the poisonous dragon. Before dying Beowulf tells Wiglaf to go and get the treasure to bring it back to him. So Wiglaf goes and gets the treasure and comes back; Beowulf then tells Wiglaf that he is to be the next king because he stood by him. Beowulf then dies and Wiglaf returns to the kingdom and becomes king bringing back Beowulf 's body to be buried in a above ground cemetery facing the ocean. After all this beowulf still held the position as an epic hero defeating three battles without help from his men. his courage, strength and faithfulness to his country hero 's qualities are within beowulf. however beowulf stayed loyal to his country protected his men and became king and pass it on just like a real hero would to the people that looks up to him. Wiglaf as an example takes up the crown to continue the beowulf 's epic heroic

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