Beowulf Being A Hero Essay

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For six years Rome ran the world as a successful empire. Around four hundred and ten A.D. more than 1,000 soldiers disappeared which led to massive destruction within Rome. This around the same time the vikings were introduced. Vikings are some of the largest men known in mankind. Within the viking era was introduced a story of a viking name Beowulf through this story you get the main stage for all superheros later to come. The story of Beowulf also introduces the idea of people battling dragons to save the day! The real question is what reasons does Beowulf have for wanting to be a hero? Within the epic poem Beowulf, the main character uses three different villains as a reason for success first he starts by battling Grendel, second Grendel’s …show more content…
Beowulf returns to his land becoming king after defeating both Grendel and his mother to become the finest hero. After years go by a not so friendly dragon decides to threaten Beowulf’s kingdom. Beowulf is aware that this may be his last chance at being the hero. Although he is old and brittle he takes the chance at fighting the dragon because he wants to end his life with glory. By fighting the dragon he will also help his people. Many people see his death after this fight as a generous one. Fighting the dragon was Beowulf’s last battle, last victory, last chance to leave an everlasting mark as a hero to all of his people.

Clearly, Beowulf had many motives for fighting all of the villains he did. Beowulf fought the dragon for his last glory. He fought to protect his people and become a hero for all time. He fought Grendel’s awful mother to gain even more glory to have people want to be just like them. He fought Grendel by seeing it as his civil duty and his first chance to truly be a hero. He simply did all of these things to be seen as a hero for a long time. He wanted people to want to be like him knowing that no one would ever truly be like

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