The Truth About Women In Combat Essay

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Combat is an emotionally and physically draining experience. Men preform differently in warfare than women, as the requirements for each gender to succeed in the military differ. In the article ‘the truth about women in combat’, David Frum expresses that women are less likely to succeed in the military and the New York Times demonstrates in their article ‘women in combat jobs’, that women are capable of achieving the standards set for men. Although it is harder for women to execute exercises that are simpler for men, raising the requirements in the United States Military could save their lives. While some women are capable of the excruciating tasks, David Frum notes “Physical strength continues to matter in warfare. Soldiers still must hoist heavy packs. . . for miles. . . [and] must be prepared to function with reduced food and water”. Who dies …show more content…
“As long as they qualify and meet the standards, women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before” (Times). In the society of today, females are still denoted as weaker individuals and scarcely capable of developing enough muscle and stamina to keep up with males. If the requirements are raised, women might have a greater chance to succeed in the military as males the predominates, because the pressure will motivate them to work harder. Gender equality is a vital topic for American’s, “It was a powerfully symbolic and sound policy move. While there will be logistical challenges as the Pentagon continues to break down barriers for women, doing so will make the military stronger and will narrow America’s gender equality gap” (Times). There is no simply solution that will please every person, however, being mindful to regard women as equal to men, is the first step.

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