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  • The National Gallery Of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink

    unless there is rain or weather below 20 ° F, for less than $10, guests are allowed to have two-hour sessions to skate at the rink. The skating rink is located on the National Mall at 7th St. and Constitution Ave. NW. The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink also offers lessons that are taught by Emme Porter and Bruce Porter, who have taught choreography, ice dancing, figure skating, and hockey for more than 25 years. There are 5 different classes available. Snowplow Sam is for…

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  • Pablo Picasso Sculpture Analysis

    Located at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, “Picasso Sculpture,” arch from a 60-year period, work of Pablo Picasso on the museum 's fourth floor. Precisely 140 sculptures that were finished between 1902 and 1964. Within all, strikes a variety of big and small works, materialized of pebbles, plaster, sheet metal, clay, wood. Picasso Sculpture spotlights a lifelong work with sculptures, mainly it singularly focuses on the use of materials and processes within each piece. Stated by…

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  • Torso Henry Moore Analysis

    will evaluate and analyze the work of Henry Moore. Some of his work is display at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. I will be analyzing two of his sculptures, the “Torso” and the “Relief No. 1. These two pieces are unique in their own little ways. I hope after reading this paper you can get a feel of what I can interpret from these two sculptures. Henry Moore was born July 30, 1898 at Castleford in Yorkshire. The seventh of eight children of a mining engineer and homemaker, Moore was…

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  • Ancient Civilization Vs Greek Art

    culture made by sculpture, paintings, and tapestry. Today I have attended the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, to visualize art in Ancient times from different civilizations. By observing each civilization sculpture, I would distinguish the difference between appearances of religious leaders or gods. Thus, furthering information learns from History class and comparing it to the sculptures I 've chosen. Egypt was a civilization where art depictions come mostly from their religion. Sculptures were…

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  • Antony Gormley Analysis

    between sculpture and space, he drew inspiration from the postminimalist works of Richard Serra (where the sculpture is reduced to its most fundamental features) and from the landscape art of Walter de Maria and Robert Smithson. One of the few pieces Gormley made that is not of the adult- size figure is…

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  • Human Body Art Essay

    hammers and chisels instead of a computer. We have no idea of what the people actually looked like whose likeness was used to create the famous statues of the past. Body imagery has also changed from indirect depictions such as paintings and sculpture to true depictions with pictures and video. And while the naked body was once accepted, praised and put on display in Greek and Roman society, it is considered a taboo to show real life photos of naked people in public. You don’t see naked men…

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  • Four Yoginis Analysis

    The Four Yoginis, created in 800CE, is a sculpture that hails from Uttar Pradesh, India. At first sight this work appears to be rather commonplace and plain. There isn’t much about this piece that calls the viewers attention. There are no colors painted to the surface, which is a plain stone. This sculpture seems to have some religious connotation. Religion seems a likely explanation as Indian culture promotes a polytheistic culture. This ideal is readily seen in this work, made apparent by the…

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  • Ime N. 502 Hydrophoros Analysis

    Name and Description Wilcox N. 502 is a hydrophoros, or a statuette of a woman holding a hydria atop of her head that was traditionally used for transporting water, made from fired clay standing at 23 centimeters in height. The figure is from an unknown Greek provenance and has been dated to the early fourth century c. CE. Most likely created using a mold. How it Was Made This bust of a woman was likely made in Italy by some kind of professional sculptor or craftsman during either the end…

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  • Stone Carving Essay

    and wood are used to do the carvings in different shapes. The far-reaching used material is stone, which gives out the most alive carvings among others. All of these material can be used in artistic ways or for a normal use. If you are a lover of sculptures, you must have noticed that these are inspired by so many subjects, such as human life, love, or can also be found in abstract forms as well. Wooden Carvings vs. Stone Carvings Wood has been used in most of the cultures for carving the…

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  • Picasso And Marie-Thérèse Walter And Dora Maar

    Behind every great artist is a muse. And the mythical painter Picasso had plenty of them. Throughout his life, the artist had two wives, six mistresses, and lots of lovers. Although his relationship with women was complicated, many of them served as the inspiration for the artist’s exceptionally prolific body of work. It can be said that Picasso’s style changed as often as he changed his companions. In this paper I want to explore the main differences between two of his main muses: Marie-Thérèse…

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