African sculpture

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  • Buddha Standing In Asian Art Analysis

    two sculpture were created for Kofukyji temple that one of the most important temples at capital of japan in Nara period. The artwork impressed me because it is not only the rare Buddhist status have a pair but also attractive me by a special technique making a pair, a historical mystery and significance of the artwork.…

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  • Analysis Of Black Sack Two By Chuck Ramirez

    Every individual has different perspectives on any given object or concept. On Tuesday December 5, I attended the McNay Art Museum and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. The first floor displayed Chuck Ramirez’s, a notable artist from San Antonio, well-known work and provided the descriptions for his artwork. I had walked through the museum and found three art works that resonated with me each telling a different story. Focusing on these three artworks I will identify, describe, analyze, and…

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  • Assyrian Art Analysis

    relief’s image.1 Similarly, perspective was an expanding stylistic device that was achieved by varying the amount of observed depth in the relief. The feathers of the wings have different depths, giving a three dimensional texture to the low relief sculpture. The depth increases with objects meant to be accentuated, such as the figure’s reaching right arm, and decreases with those designed to be smaller and less-stressed, like the barely-visible geometric details on the edges of the king’s…

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  • My Final Thumbnail

    self-portrait as planned. The day before we looked at what mixed media is and how she could incorporate this into her self-portrait. She went all out by working with sculpture technique, collage, painting, etc. We also discussed what the differences with a 2D work of art versus a 3D work of art. The kids tend to forget a 3D work of art such as a sculpture you need to be able to view it from all sides. In a 2D work of art you view it from one…

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  • Blue Women In A Black Chair Analysis

    painting, and other technical processes, artists can ingeniously turn dead stone, metal, or plaster into vivid human-looking sculptures. George Segal’s Blue Women In a Black Chair, which was made in 1981, is a typical painted sculpture that reflects the core of human emotions. The Untitled large man accomplished by Tom Claassen in 1999, likewise, is another excellent reflective sculpture. Although these two are both outstanding pieces mirroring experiences in real life, they differ in materials,…

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  • Analysis Of Walter Bendix Schonflies Benjamin's The Work Of Art

    Walter Bendix Schonflies Benjamin was born into a wealthy Jewish family in Germany. He was a German philosopher who is associated with the Frankfurt School and his areas of interests were literary theory, language, aesthetics, and technology. Benjamin was influences by and is associated with the work of Karl Marx, Theodor Adorno, and Bertolt Brecht. Moreover, one of Benjamin’s most influential writing is titled, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1936). The primary argument…

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  • Hopi Katsina Analysis

    At first glance the figure is definitely out of the ordinary, the foot and a half tall sculpture is larger than doll sized and much too large to fit in a child's hand. The measurements for the figure are 5.6 inches in lengh, 4 inches in width, and 15.3 inches in height. The sculpture is split into four parts the three base parts feet, torso, and head, each around 2-3 inches each. The last part is the head decorations probably added on after the base was carved out. judging by the size of the…

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  • Contrapposto: Ancient Greek Sculpture

    The sculpture produced in ancient Greece is naturalistic compared to artworks and sculptures from previous times and cultures. The form of body is not stylized, nor does the bends in its arms and legs have sharp edges, the body is actually smooth and natural looking. The figure also has normal sized eyes and not enlarged eyes and male breast. The figure is in contrapposto pose like many of the other figures from this ancient Greek period. Although many of the figures in this time that was in…

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  • Wadjet Analysis

    When upper and lower egypt unified Wadjet would usually be paired with a the White Vulture and be known as the “two ladies”. Wadjet was known to be a fighter and never retreated, also was originally the goddess of the cobra, and in the bronze sculpture of Wadjet has a head of a lion. This extra animalistic features was added in because later on in time it was told she merged with the Cat Goddess Bast, which gave her extra fierce strength to protect. “Many of their ancient gods were subsumed into…

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  • Final Encore Art Project Examples

    My final Encore art project is named “Environment”, I created my artwork in a mixed media form.My artwork presents two perspectives of environment; one is the nature environment and the other one is the cultural/social environment. I painted my canvas with acrylic to give it a deeper expression and I also added objects that we would see in our daily lives, I recycled and added them into my artwork so that my art could have a 3D expression. The word, “environment”, is assigned to me during my…

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