Abigail Williams

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  • Consequences Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible

    if the people accused of witchcraft confessed before they were hung, if the affair between John and Abigail not taken place, or if there wasn’t so much lying and accusations being casted around at different people throughout the town.There are several people that could be blamed for the witchcraft trials; however, Abigail Williams set herself aside from everyone else with her…

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  • Abigail Williams The Crucible Analysis

    with no decorum whatsoever, and accused people of witchery. Abigail Williams, one of the main accusers in the Salem Witch Trials, starts her web of lies in a desperate attempt to not be held accountable for her nefarious deeds in the forests the night before the play opens. The childish girl needed attention and with each accusation that she did, the town loved her and believed her more, which granted her more and more power. In fact, Abigail continued with the hysteria in order take revenge on…

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  • The Crucible Abigail Williams Influence

    Although Abigail Williams does not physically appear in Act II of The Crucible, her presence casts a long shadow over the act. She has a powerful influence over Salem. The town dynamics change and the social order is altered as Abigail Williams assumes more and more prestige. For instance, Elizabeth learns of Abigail’s newfound power and control in the town: “Abigail brings the other girls into the court, and where she walks the crowd will part like the sea for Israel. And folks are brought…

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  • Abigail Williams Motives In The Crucible

    During the Salem witch trials, the innocent were murdered. The accusers of the supposed witches often wanted to seek revenge, hope for a better life, and have a role in society. Abigail Williams defines this description of an accuser in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Abigail Williams immorally accuses others of witchcraft in order to gain power, which is her motive for vengeance and her desire to be accepted for who she is, contrasting the ideal image of a powerless Puritan woman in society. This…

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  • The Crucible Abigail Williams Essay

    Evil in Salem Abigail Williams is the true witch in Salem. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Abby manages to take advantage of the entire town. She fools her uncle Reverend Parris, Reverend Hale, John Proctor, even Judge Danforth and Judge Hathorne. Abby and her army of lying little girls have the town wrapped around their fingers. All it takes is a false accusation to take down their enemies. To make matters even worse, other people in the town start to accuse each other of witchcraft as well,…

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  • Analysis Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible

    Abigail Williams is seen as the protagonist in some eyes, and an antagonist in others. Her actions lead to the justification that there is Satan and witchcraft present in Salem. As a result of her false accusations, the obliterations of innocent people became more evident than ever witnessed before. Vengeance, selfishness, and arrogance are just a few of several attributes Williams displays in the play. Throughout The Crucible, Arthur Miller portrays Abigail Williams as these character traits,…

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  • Abigail Williams Research Paper

    Testimony in Defense of Abigail Williams Greetings to all in attendance and I hope that our Lord is with you. I am Judge Hathorne, nothing more than simply the very judge of the court of Salem. The man that you all have appointed to interpret the law and bring those who break it, to justice. So how could you argue when I say that Abigail Williams is innocent? I am an old grey man who doesn’t have time for these silly games. I have intuition for these things and I know that Abigail is innocent…

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  • The Role Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible

    housekeeper, Abigail Williams. Abigail Williams is an egotistical colleen who will do anything to get what she wants. John Proctor discerned that his affair with the colleen was wrong and removed himself of the situation. He stopped all connections with Abigail and himself, but Abigail was certain to get him for herself. She did cruel things that involved the death of 19 people. Abigail and her friends went out into the woods to cast a spell of witchcraft and were caught by Abigail’s uncle.…

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  • Abigail Williams Deceitful And Dishonest

    In the beginning of The Crucible, Abigail Williams, was deceitful and dishonest. She acted this way so she and the other girls would not get in trouble with their lies. She also acted that way because she wanted John Procter to love her the way she loved him. When Reverend Paris came into the room and realized that Betty Paris was sick and could not figure it out, he asked Abigail many questions. When he left, Abigail tried to get Betty to stop faking it. Betty would not stop faking it, so…

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  • The Crucible Abigail Williams Analysis

    is one person responsible for the problems happening in Salem. Abigail Williams is responsible for everything that is happening in Salem due to the cause of not admitting to doing witchcraft, threatening the young girls from Salem, accusing innocent people, & lying in court. In Act 1: scene one, The Crucible begins with Samuel Parris' daughter, Betty, who lays unconscious in her bed. Parris the night before discovers his niece, Abigail, Betty, & his black slave named Tituba dancing in the…

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