Abigail Williams

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  • Abigail Williams Behavior

    in different ways was Abigail Williams because of her behavior, motivation and selfishness. Those things can either be a very good thing, or they could be a very bad thing. Behavior is very important to a character. It is the way the someone shows themselves and acts towards other people. Your behavior can either be very good or very bad. Abigail Williams had a lot of different behaviors. It really all just depended on how she was feeling in that moment. In the story Abigail was in love with…

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  • The Crucible Abigail Williams

    hysteria and the dramatic deaths of 19 innocents. Although there were many characters who contributed to the chaos, it is obvious that Abigail Williams is most at fault since, from the beginning, she had the most control of the situation and used it it to her own advantage. While others may blame the court, which also had a leading role in witch hunt, without Abigail they would not have been able to pursue the court’s convictions. Abigail’s claims were the primary evidence used by the court to…

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  • Abigail Williams The Crucible

    that either showed the qualities of a crucible, or was a complete opposite. Abigail Williams displayed the characteristics of a crucible as a noun when she wouldn’t succumb to the pressure opponents were giving her. On the other hand, Mary Warren exposed herself as the complete opposite of a crucible…

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  • Abigail Williams Argument

    dancing, amongst other things. Puritans believed in following the Bible and punishment for sin was often harsh. Many believe that Abigail Williams is responsible for the witchcraft happening. Others seem to believe that Tituba and Betty are responsible for the hysteria. Abigail is seen performing suspicious activity to the belief that she has started the hysteria in Salem. Abigail is doing…

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  • Abigail Williams Jealousy

    Arthur Miller each of the main characters played a role in causing the events that occurred. Abigail Williams and John Proctors affair was probably one of the biggest reasons for the events that occurred in Salem during the year 1692. In The Crucible it was Abigail Williams’s flaws – Dishonesty, Jealousy, and Lust – that led her to be most responsible for the tragedy of the witch-hunt in Salem. Abigail showed dishonesty by saying that Elizabeth Proctor always kept poppets when Elizabeth didn’t…

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  • Abigail Williams Manipulation

    of the blame for the witch trials, but the one who carries the most weight is Abigail Williams. Abigail, a young, “strikingly beautiful” 17 year old girl, analyzes the situation quickly and composes many diverse approaches to accuse others of compacting with the devil. She tries to curse Elizabeth Proctor in the beginning of the play because Elizabeth’s husband, John, does not accept her feelings. Although Abigail created all the accusations, she still threatened the girls to cooperate with…

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  • Reflection On Abigail Williams

    am ready to reflect to this day without crying. My husband and I hired a maid named Abigail Williams, she was sixteen years old. She was a nice innocent girl until one day she turned into a rude girl who has no manures. She would always join us on Sundays to go to church. During mass John stepped outside, he was gone for a long time so I went to look for him. I stepped outside of the church and saw him with Abigail giggling, I was upset. I asked him why he had stepped outside and he told me it…

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  • Abigail Williams Trial

    of witchcraft, a crime in which the only witness is the victim, as the suspected witch is not expected to incriminate herself? There is no way to scientifically prove that witchcraft exists in Salem, and Miss Williams knew that as she declared Mrs. Proctor to be a witch. What Miss Williams had not anticipated was that John would confess the sin of his lechery with her, in a desperate attempt to save his wife from the rope. In doing so, he knowingly sentenced himself to the rope and was accused…

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  • Abigail Williams Reputation

    portrays Abigail as a mysterious girl who instituted the trials as a way of releasing her vengeance on Elizabeth Procter, the wife of the man who committed adultery with Abigail. Abigail served as the Procter’s servant until a major altercation between Elizabeth and Abigail over the affair ensued. In Act I, Parris interrogates Abigail with concerns to her involvement with spells, Tituba’s charm, and the supposed witchcraft in which she participated in. After Reverend Parris questions Abigail of…

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  • The Lottery Ticket Short Story Analysis

    In life, there is that tendency to ruin the good things one has going on in their lives when they become more successful than they already are. People become inundated with the joy and achievement that they begin to act irresponsibly. A great thing such as winning the lottery can bring cheerfulness and satisfaction into one’s life but, on the other hand, this great thing can also become a complete nightmare. In most cases, when one goes from being extremely poor to being exceptionally rich, it…

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