A priori probability

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  • David Hume's Argument For The Existence Of God

    around for thousands of years. Philosophers have been using arguments as an attempt to validate their beliefs. To do this, philosophers string together a series of statements to form different types of arguments, including deductive, inductive, a priori, and a posteriori arguments. Furthermore, a few philosophers use evidential approaches to establish the existence of God. Often, these approaches include pragmatics or direct perception, such as appeals to religious experience. Generally,…

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  • Existentialism And Human Emotions Analysis

    In Existentialism and Human Emotions, Sartre addresses specific charges against existential thought, defends existentialism, and situates his own ethics of existential thought among other thinkers. Sartre begins addressing the charge that existential thought is in the same ethical realm as nihilism, meaning that if there is no transcendent meaning or objective standard then there is no inherent meaning in the world and, in result, that nothing matters. Sartre explains this nihilistic view of…

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  • Smallholder Apiarist Essay

    3.5 Analytical Methods 3.5.1 Characterization of smallholder apiarists Descriptive statistics were used to determine the mean difference of socio-economic characteristics between the apiarists. The variables considered were; age of household head (measured in years), gender (given by the sex of household head (male=1, female=0), education level of household head (number of years of formal education attained by the household head). Others were: farming experience (measured number of years in…

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  • Is The Socratic Method Of Teaching A Useful Way For Students To Learn?

    Edin Palmar PHI2010 F 10:00-10:50am Dr. Schuh Ch.1 Introduction 1. Explain some of the benefits a student may gain by studying philosophy. Studying philosophy helps one tackle the question of the “self” in the sense that it makes one really think of why they believe in something or why one does the things they do. This in turn will help us to “think, reason, and evaluate” critically in order to attain wisdom and intelligence, something not easily obtained due to the constant bombardment of the…

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  • Jean-Paul Sartre's Existence Precedes Essence

    Sartre definition of forlornness implies that we ourselves, chooses our being with no excuses, resulting a sense of loneliness. He then relates to abstraction of forlornness specifically to God. He brought up the idea of a priori, which implicate that God may be able to provide us a heaven of ideas however, we would still have to decide whether to follow or listen to God’s words. Thus the concept of man in the mind of God is comparable to the concept of paper-cutter in the…

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  • Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

    them if they are thinking about suicide. It is vital that the manner of confrontation be as open and accepting as possible; Gatekeepers are advised to avoid language such as “you’re not thinking about killing yourself, are you?” because it implies a-priori disapproval…

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  • David Hume Views On Slavery

    (emotions, needs and desires). Ideas, on the contrary, are copies of impressions. For example, some ideas are not direct copies of a impression, but modifications of impressions. Hence, aligning with his belief that the imagination functions in the a priori where the imagination is subjective to all our emotions, needs and…

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  • Descartes Dreaming Argument Analysis

    In Meditations on First Philosophy, Descartes questions the trustworthiness of his beliefs, doubting what he believes as true. He reflects on the falsehoods he believed during his lifetime and motions to remove those foundations in order to build a new foreground of knowledge. Descartes found a way to build a new foundation for necessary truths (innate ideas that cannot be false) by reconstructing the ideas he previously known. Instead of initially throwing out everything he previously knew,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Second Language Learning

    Multilingualism will be enhanced in the future since there will not be a language that dominates the world (1). This is why second language learning, or acquisition, is becoming a more and more intriguing topic today. One thing, among others, that stands in the way of successful second language acquisition is that there are negative transfers of learner’s first language (L1) on the second language’s (L2) syntax, while the bigger the syntactic differences between L1 and L2 are, the more negative…

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  • Whales Observation Report

    Whales are fancy creatures. They are considered as the biggest mammals in the world. An adult whale can grow up to 30 m long and 180 t weight. There are 7 different main species of this giant mammal such killer, Minke, Sei, humpback, right, finback, and blue. Whales are mostly considered as predators. The interesting thing about the whales is that they are considered as highly intelligent animals with emotion. the social behavior of whales. They live alone or in groups. However, they are mostly…

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