A priori probability

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Second Language Learning

    Multilingualism will be enhanced in the future since there will not be a language that dominates the world (1). This is why second language learning, or acquisition, is becoming a more and more intriguing topic today. One thing, among others, that stands in the way of successful second language acquisition is that there are negative transfers of learner’s first language (L1) on the second language’s (L2) syntax, while the bigger the syntactic differences between L1 and L2 are, the more negative…

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  • Whales Observation Report

    Whales are fancy creatures. They are considered as the biggest mammals in the world. An adult whale can grow up to 30 m long and 180 t weight. There are 7 different main species of this giant mammal such killer, Minke, Sei, humpback, right, finback, and blue. Whales are mostly considered as predators. The interesting thing about the whales is that they are considered as highly intelligent animals with emotion. the social behavior of whales. They live alone or in groups. However, they are mostly…

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  • Good God And Evil Essay

    INTRODUCT ION The question of the existence of a good God and evil is by far the most important problem for philosophical, religious, and moral consideration. These two contradicting arguments have been postulated by many philosophers like Richard Dawkins, William Rowe…etc. Though the intrinsic presence of suffering is the most obvious feature that determines the character of the existence or non-existence of God, it is an empirical fact, and the truth or falsity of these facts can only be…

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  • Popper's Fallibilist Argument Analysis

    Part B (4) The scientific method has often been proclaimed as a naive method that uses an observation to generate a statement which is then generalised; extrapolated from what had been observed to what has not yet been observed. The statement is then tested to a certain extent. If it successfully dodges any failure, it is accepted as a true theory and henceforth, a justified belief. This is an inductive inference as it uses the past to predict future behaviours and serves as the justifying…

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  • Wine Back Label Effects

    4 Wine back label effects In this part of study, I will discuss the importance for Chinese consumers of wine translated back label statements when they are choosing wine. And also, I will find out how these factors on the back label were related by price. Ten different back label statements with price were tested through a discrete choice experiment. Three hundred thirty-one wine consumers representing the normal Chinese wine consumers were tested to choose a bottle of wine they were most…

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