Swarm Intelligence And Artificial Intelligence

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Swarm behavior is one of the main characteristics of different colonies of social insects (bees, wasps, ants, termites). This type of behavior is first and foremost characterized by autonomy, distributed functioning and self-organizing.
Swarm Intelligence, SI, is considered to be the area of Artificial Intelligence that is based on studying actions of individuals in various decentralized systems~\cite{bonabeau1999}. However, there is still today big discrepancy between two schools of thought in the Artificial intelligence that are known by the name \textit{neat} and \textit{scruffy} AI. This names are labels for two different type of artificial intelligence research. Neat researchers in AI are basing their work on logic and formal extensions of logic, while scruffy AI
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When creating
Swarm Intelligence models and techniques researchers apply some principles of the natural swarm intelligence.
From biology perspective, swarm behavior (fish schools, flocks of birds, herds of land animals, insects' communities, etc.) is based on the biological needs of individuals to stay and work together without any central control. In such a way, it is believed that individuals increase the probability to stay alive, since predators usually attack only isolated individuals. Colonies of

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