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  • A Journey In Olaudah Equiano's Narrative Journey

    “ I BELIEVE it is difficult for those who publish their own memoirs to escape the imputation of vanity…” states Olaudah Equiano as he begins the narrative journey of his life, his struggles, and his accomplishments (1: 1). The year was 1745 when his life story began. It started out in a valley called Essaka, which is in the province of Eboe. Where he came from, white men were not common, but he would soon experience these white men for himself. Olaudah Equiano came from a well esteemed lineage.…

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  • Emily Dickinson's Extended Metaphor Of Hope

    Dickinson’s extended metaphor comparing hope to a bird represents many of her personal experiences and is used to show the significance of the optimism that exists within every human soul. Dickinson lived a life that was full of both faith and despair. Early on, she spent her time at the Amherst Academy where she developed her love for nature and writing. After her time at the Academy, she entered into a seminary for a year to continue her education. Growing up in a very Puritan and religious…

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  • What Break My Heart Was Not The Day Analysis

    threats against their freedom to live the lives that they chose. It would have made no difference, though, whether people in Haïti were born in the present, or in the past, the push for survival in the midst of poverty and hunger was the only way of life. As manmi’s friend would have said, if a person’s name was not part of the Gouvènman Ayisyen an, they were doomed. They were to stay where they lived to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Childhood Memories Of My Nursing Home

    adult child. The memory of the day my mom left is forever etched on the canvas of my mind. It wasn't until the sixth year of my life that I became motherless. One could have described me as a happy child from a traditional family. I had my mom who was just like any ordinary mother and my father as well. We lived in a ordinary house and had a pretty average and ordinary life. My mother worked at a nursing home, where she would take care of the elderly and make sure they were happy in their…

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  • Essay On Mr Tansley

    an almost mystical grace and elegance, only seen in the women of high society Victorian life. The other side of Lily's relationship to the "family" is her dislike for Charles Tansley, the man who tells her that women can't write or paint. It is well known that male friends and family, in terms of what they were capable of achieving in this day and age constantly belittled women, but one man in Lily’s life takes this too far. Tansley is a disagreeable sort, a hypercritical type like Mr. Ramsay…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay On The Holocaust

    Everything in the past stays in the past and is left behind, not to be worried about again. That’s what everyone says...but is that really the truth? The Holocaust was a big part in our world’s history. Many people know of the millions of people who were killed during the Holocaust in 1933-1945, but they think that we are better now and it won’t happen again. It could very well happen though. Hitler could happen again, because one, it is easier to hate than love, two, a group could start…

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  • The Finality Of Death In Homer's Odyssey

    is remembered by all and that he was blessed in life and still is, even in death, however, Achilles takes offense to this statement, and replies, “Don’t bepraise death to me, Odysseus. I would rather be a plowman to a yeoman farmer on a small holding than lord Paramount in the kingdom of the dead” (134). Achilles achieves the ultimate goal of kleos, immortality through fame, yet he is unhappy and wishes he could simply live again, even if his life would be completely insignificant. Here, kleos…

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  • Story Of An Hour Feminist

    scenery. As for me, even the sunshine will seem annoying when I felt sad. So we can guess Louise Mallard might has some different thinking in the following. And the description of the scenery such as “blue sky ” may metaphor for the new beginning of her life. When I read that she yelling “Free, free, free!”, I guess whether she hate her husband or her husband mistreat her? But to my surprise, according to Louise Mallard’s description, her husband is a tender person and doted her. Then I felt…

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  • The Rig-Veda

    twin. Symbolically death and life are twins. The birth of a being automatically decides the death of that mortal sometime in future. Rigveda poetically describes that life and death are twinborn. The Yama, thus signifying death was born together with Yami, a symbol of life. Yami is a personification of life in the form of river Yamuna, the rivers are considered essential for survival and thus symbolize life. In the metaphoric poetic expression of Vedic poets, the life and death were personified…

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  • Nommo In Kingsolver's Kikongo Name

    throughout the novel, in Kikongo words bear great significance, the Kikongo word nommo means word, but it extends beyond acting as a syntactic device. Nommo is a name, more so a “force that makes things live as what they are,” that distinguishes one life from another, things are not recognized as existing until they are named (Kingsolver 209). As Adah struggles with understanding the concept that is nommo, she compares herself to Leah, her identical twin, but by comparison, their lives are very…

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