Personal Essay: What Ethics Means To Me?

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What ethics means to me Describe ethics in your own words. Some many thoughts come to mind, because the word ethics can mean so many different things to different people. However, in my description it is ones belief that they believe what they perceive whet they think is right and wrong. Living one’s life to do what you think is right to be a good person overall. Now the question arises do I believe human beings have an ethical or moral obligation to look after the welfare of other life forms? To an extent, we tend to go overboard with what we believe is right or wrong whether it comes to the human race or another life form. I believe that we share this planet with other living and breathing creatures, and that it is our responsibility to …show more content…
So to answer the question I think that we have an ethical obligation to do what is right. Everything and everybody serves a purpose. An example I will use is the buffalo they were a source of food and clothing for us, and then we started killing them off at an astonishing rate, during the nineteenth century. It was to the point the species where almost the whole species were exterminated, for they were not only being killed for food or clothing, but for game as well. 4-5 million bison were killed in the span of 17 years. Thankfully, in 1883 bison could no longer be hunted. What led to this there were no limits back then on how many you could hunt or if it were the “season” to hunt for them. It was a free for all. Utilize what you need to in order to survive not, to overindulge yourself. We as human beings (myself included) tend to take things for granted and sometimes it is too late to make a …show more content…
To take care what we have, and not abuse everything and do “what we want”. To do what is right, by not polluting, killing of species of wildlife, so on and so forth. I would like my children and their children to have a life where they don’t have to suffer the consequences of the decisions made from the generations before them. I’d like them to go out and fish and catch a fish they can eat like we can, and not worry about some toxic bacteria that could potentially be caused by the fish digesting plastic material discarded in the waters. To be able to drink water anywhere without it being polluted by oil, trash, etc. The rate we are going though I don’t believe that will happen, unless there is a drastic change made. In chapter 2 of our reading we learn about the worldwide view of what certain religions believe our responsibility are with what is provided to us. We also read about philosophers and their viewpoint on the subject matter. There were numerous of different views it was hard to pinpoint which I agreed most with, because I agreed with a little bit of everything.
From our reading we had to do for our assignment my views are more along the lines of Aristotle. One of the lines in our readings that stood out to me and it goes as

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