Twelfth Night Essay

  • Twelfth Night Techniques

    Twelfth Night Going to the Longwood production of Twelfth Night proved very intriguing from the talented actors, to amazing costumes, extravagant lighting, and slightly modern setting. However, while I enjoyed the performance as a whole; there were a few technical issues that distracted from the overall aesthetic of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Set design is what brings an audience that possibly had no context for the show into the life of the characters. It allows the audience to really step into the world of the play. I believe that the rendition of Twelfth Night that the school had done made some appropriate choices in its set design. However, the screen in the back did not go well with the atmosphere that was provided. Honestly, it was distracting and could have detracted for the overall suspension of disbelief. Especially the pictures that were given I thought they were more modern than then the twenties feeling that they were trying to give. I was expecting a more rustic and industrial feeling of the roaring twenties but was…

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  • Twelfth Night Analysis

    The Twelfth Night, a complex love story. The events of the play may seem predictable, but there are many plot twists. Backstabbing, being one, can be very unpleasant at times. People can be spontaneous while backstabbing. This can effect a variety of different types of love seen in the play, Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. As characters throughout the scenes in the play evolved, so did their emotional status. Malvolio started as a humorless, mundane man. Three of his friends included…

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  • Excess In The Twelfth Night

    The Twelfth Night or What you will is a play written by William Shakespeare in about 1601-02. It is a comedy which focuses around the romantic relationships of the twins Viola and Sebastian and their love interests Orsino and Olivia on the island of Illyria. The play has a comedic twist by including an element of crossdressing, which in turn brings much confusion to the romantic relationships of the characters.The Twelfth Night was written during the renaissance, which was a time of excess; in…

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  • Theme Of Ignorance In Twelfth Night

    Shakespeare’s comparison of ignorance to darkness and hell in Twelfth Night illustrates the ironies inflicted on the main characters and shows that as long as they do not know the true state of their situations, they will be in the agony of their own personal hells. Feste and Malvolio deliver a shared simile in 4.2, which reveals the foundational theme of the play: the characters in Olivia’s house (sphere of influence) are ignorant of their true situations. MALVOLIO. I say to you this house…

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  • Homoeroticism In Twelfth Night Essay

    identity in the first scene of act three in Twelfth Night saying to Olivia: “I am not what I am” (Shakespeare 211). However, it is not just the fictional Viola who masquerades as something she is not. Women were not allowed on stage in Elizabethan England, thus requiring prepubescent boys to act as females (Charles 123). These boys acted as women on stage, and a confusion of character development and intent of these actors stems from cross-dressing. Boys were acting as female characters on stage…

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  • Hamlet And Twelfth Night Analysis

    Themes are universal lessons and subjects in a piece of writing or book. Both Hamlet and the Twelfth Night have universal themes. The two plays teach valuable lessons throughout the actions going on. Readers are able to recognize themes throughout the plays based on the specific characteristics of each of the plays. The two books have some clear differences. The Twelfth Night was written in 1601 while Hamlet was written in 1599. The different times of being written can allow the reader to…

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  • Twelfth Night Reflection Essay

    Twelfth Night was a very intriguing play, filled with different emotions and possible interpretations of each of the characters. The scholarly journals, reviews, and articles that I researched for my future creative project for paper #4 all have to do with Twelfth Night as a whole. My fourth paper will be my own view and perspective of Twelfth Night with a twist. I would like to make the story based in today 's modern culture and play around with how all of the events that took place in Twelfth…

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  • Foolishness In Twelfth Night Analysis

    Foolishness of Love in Twelfth Night Love plays a big role in everyone’s life. In most cases, affection is a wonderful thing that unites people together. But on occasion, love can be mad and crazy. Four hundred and fifteen years ago, William Shakespeare wrote the comedic play, Twelfth Night, in which the central theme of love was discussed. Twelfth Night is a comedic play in which humour is seen through the foolishness of love demonstrated by the characters: Olivia, Antonio, and Sebastian.…

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  • Feminism In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

    Twelfth Night was written near the end of Queen Elizabeth 's reign in England. The notion of a strong female, such as Elizabeth, choosing to lead a country without the help of a man began to provoke people to consider what truly a woman’s role was (Callaghan, 86). For the most part, up until this time literature strongly focused on powerful male leads that expressed dominance and intelligence greatly surpassing the minor female characters in literature (Callaghan, 32). Shakespeare 's Twelfth…

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  • Gender Identity In Twelfth Night

    Understanding Shakespeare's Twelfth Night Shakespeare's Twelfth Night is one of his most beloved plays. There are several notable themes that construct the play that makes the play great. Many elements within the play take on what it was like during Shakespeare's time, while others focused on political commentary. The play talks about the main character Viola and her disguise as a man, while look for her brother Sebastian. Her disguise creates a lot of misperception; many would say that Twelfth…

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