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  • Importance Of English As A Global Language

    The English language now days considered as Global language, because it is used in almost everything. It has been used in technology, education, employment and scientific communication. This essay will include three primary questions to answer it and analyze, Why English is a global language and when it started? Regarding to answer this question we will need to speak about numbers and some historical dates, starting in England moving to America, Canada, Caribbean and Africa and we are going to see how the English got affected by other languages. The reason why English is associated with technical and employment also, in scientific communication and education .The spreading of technical means less employees needed but, technology in English has been spread widely worldwide and this is a factor to spread, and that is also, affected on education and scientific education globally. What is the extension that the open English is going to change and emergence of world English’s? There are some dangers that harm English language like rejecting it by other countries to save their own mother-tongue language. These question will be consider in this essay.…

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  • Analysis Of Blogger Dennis Baron's Article: Who Owns Global English

    English, it is a language that has continued to captivate much of the world as it resumes its ascent in global use further into the 21st century. Blogger Dennis Baron discusses the matter to not only his readers’ but also English speakers on his 2010 article “Who Owns Global English?” in his The Web of Language blog. Baron addresses a variety of interesting stances on the impact English has on the current world and questions whether or not there really is a “pure form” of English to incline…

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  • Politicalness Of Politics In English

    Is teaching, and more particularly, the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), a political domain of professional practice? There are two aspects to this issue: first of all, is teaching a professional practice, and secondly, is such practice political. This essay is going to focus on the second part and discuss the politicalness of teaching practice under the presupposition that teaching is a profession. It will argue that teaching, and especially TESOL, are highly…

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  • What Is The Importance Of The English Language?

    proves a nation’s existence and culture is the language. Language is one of the most powerful tools in human communication and its importance is colossal. In order to better comprehend language and its significance, many experts and linguists are elaborating the matter of this subject. Among those experts, David Crystal takes a special place as one of the foremost linguists in the world on the English language. As a global language, the English language is Crystal’s base for all of his…

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  • What Is Global Shakespeare

    only of his time but to date. His plays and poets have made their way across the globe and countless languages. However, the idea of the works of Shakespeare in a global sense is more than just the words of a man being read and heard around the word. It is how every culture takes his words, his plays and creating something that relates to them and yet is still, at its core, undeniably Shakespeare. It transcends language and stage, becoming an all-inclusive experience that generations of people…

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  • How Culture Affect The Way We Think Analysis

    Culture & Identity People living in a difference countries often have difference culture. Culture could analyze as a country identity. Therefore, it have a lot of elements make a significant difference between cultures. Thus, the most important element make a culture significant is the language. Most culture often have its own language to communicate in the society. When the culture change, so the language change either. Language know as a concrete fundamental of the culture. Therefore,…

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  • Sojourner Truth's Ain T I A Woman

    English has been the dominant global language since the nineteenth century. As a result of British imperialism, the language was spread to every region of the world. Since the twentieth century the United States’ role as the global economic and cultural power, has helped to maintain the global influence of the English language. Various dialects of English reflect cultural, racial and socioeconomic aspects of these groups (“What Privilege”) Standard English has often been defined as the correct…

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  • The Importance Of International Language

    increasing concern about the interaction of different languages on an international scale. While many aim to preserve minority languages on cultural grounds, language is also an economic asset. Rogerson-Revell (2007), of the Centre for English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics at University of Leicester, acknowledged that English is now largely accepted as a lingua franca, used to communicate internationally, and originally spread by commerce. A lingua franca is, in the…

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  • The Importance Of Language In ESL Countries

    To talk about how the English language is related to social status and economic power in ESL countries, I will instantly think of Hong Kong, as the English language has marked significant influence in Hong Kong educational system and it represents a status of power. Basically, Hong Kong has a colonial history, it was occupied by the British army and then subsequently ceded to England as a colony in the mid-19th century. So in ESL countries, the British cultural influences keep on featuring…

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  • Cultural Hegemony In English Essay

    Culture implies a variety of things. It encompasses complex systems of thought and belief across a group. It provides structure to the morality and behavior of a community-not only directing their actions, but providing context as to why they act that way. Naturally, the culture one grows up in helps build their identity, as does the language they speak, the social class they belong to, and the country that breeds them. How atrocious, then, is the act of transforming one’s indigenous culture…

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