How Culture Affect The Way We Think Analysis

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Culture & Identity People living in a difference countries often have difference culture. Culture could analyze as a country identity. Therefore, it have a lot of elements make a significant difference between cultures. Thus, the most important element make a culture significant is the language. Most culture often have its own language to communicate in the society. When the culture change, so the language change either. Language know as a concrete fundamental of the culture. Therefore, Language also affect on communication, country and culture, personal identity. Overall, when the language disappear, culture dies. In fact, some migrants often lost their culture during living in another country. Because they must to adapt to the around …show more content…
The answer is yes, the language have a connection the way we think and behave. Furthermore, the language is an element of culture but the culture also include traditions, lifestyle, habits. Then people in the culture could learn from those element to shape and change the way they think. In another word, the language is a important of culture and culture shapes the way people think and behave. Therefore, the language shaping the way people in a culture think and behave. It reflect the personal identity of a people when they acting or speaking. In addition, people will intend to react differently when they in the difference culture. The way people react in the circumstances will be difference caused difference culture. In a common contrast, most of Asian will be intend to humble to express his respect with someone during communicating. Instead, Western will intend to self-important to express his confident during talking. Another react, Western could put the feet on the table to receive friends to make them feel close and friendly. Otherwise, Easterner will be more polite to receive friends and they seem the action of put the feet on the table is disrespectful. Generally, the common rules of cultures are respect other people in other cultures and polite to

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