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  • The Importance Of Dance As A Sport

    Dance is defined by Howard Nadel and Raymond Strauss of The Dance Experience as “a purposeful human endeavor that involves components that can be universally observed even when appearing in widely varying forms” (121). Most people perceive dance only as a form of entertainment. Not only is dancing enjoyable, it is a means of physical activity which requires certain skill sets and can be labeled as a sport. I believe that dance encompasses all the requirements other sports have and therefore should be labeled a sport. Dancers go through the same physical endurance, strengthen exercises, sweat, and pain like any other sport. Like other sports, dance is a way to express or release feelings within the body. Sport is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. During the 2001-2002 academic school year, Idaho State University launched a nationwide study to investigate dance program as a sport. Respondents viewed dance as being characterized by the defining elements of sport. Studies like this help shine a light on the physical nature of dance which verifies why it should be labeled as a sport.…

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  • Importance Of Dance In Zapin Dance

    the dancer will look beautiful or dull in a dance performance. Without the attire, any dance performance not only Zapin will not look lively because attire makes the performance more exciting. In Zapin dance, there are no rules for the number of dancers that will perform the dance. However, this dance usually performed in pairs usually male and female who will have a different attire. For instance, for man dancer, they will wear a ‘songkok’ on their head as a part of their headgear. The man…

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  • The Importance Of Being On A Dance Team

    Best summed up by an article from the Tab, “There is nothing like being on a dance team. It is one of those things – you can only fully comprehend it if you’re a part of one.” (Pandey,Secrets Everyone In A Dance Team Knows,The Tab) there are so many things that many people outside of the team do not know. Some people think it is easy and that we barely do anything, others are more knowledgeable, but will never truly understand. If you are contemplating trying out for the dance team you have a…

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  • Importance Of Dance In My Life

    something they use to escape, mine happens to be dance, as it has come through for me at many instances in my life, one in particular that possessed a lot of meaning to me. I was a junior in high school and co-captain of my varsity dance team with an exhilarating week ahead because we had our first competition of the year on Saturday morning. On Wednesday of that very week, my best friend Hannah and I had decided to take an unusual route to school just so we could skip homeroom and stop at our…

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  • The Importance Of Communication And Sendin Perception In Dance

    When in an improve class, an instructor could tell you to fall. No two peoples fall will be the same. The things that dancer have been though in their life will determine what falling is to them. To some it could be the typical definition of falling, to just hit the ground, and to some it may be more of a mental thing, so you could see them grabbing for their head. No two people perception will ever be the same since no two people have lived the same life. The perception you have can also affect…

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  • The Benefits Of Dancing: The Importance Of Dance In Human Life

    children do instinctively and naturally increases our vibrations. Dancing can lead us into a trance. It can put us completely in the moment. Some dances are spiritual, some are cultural, some are purely for fun and enjoying the moment. The results are always the same, a raised level of energy and vibrations. There are also obvious aerobic benefits from dancing. Yes it can be a good workout, but it can be more than that. There’s a definite mind-body connection. You need to pay attention to your…

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  • The Importance Of Attending Class With Mo At Studio One Dance School

    conditioning class with Mo at Studio One Dance Company. The exasperated girls trudged inside to continue their class. “You know what to do,” sighed Mo as he turned up the music. Sit ups, jumping jacks, lunges, burpees, and v-sits were…

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  • The Importance Of Music And Dance In Madagascar

    Music and dance in Madagascar is more impromptu and it is not uncommon to see someone express themselves emotionally through song and dance, or for a group of villagers to get together and play. As this is more of a jam scenario there is more concern among the musicians about keeping rhythm than exploring linear chord progressions or melodic patterns (Koskoff). Finally, modern Malagasy music does incorporate the traditional instruments and techniques listed above. But a band composed of modern…

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  • Compare And Contrast Your Understanding Of Judgement And Decision Making

    What would my employees think? Am I a pushover? Will more complaints occur? In order to avoid these questions and any resulting regret the decision was made based on the regret theory (Plous, 1993 p.101). 3. Compare and contrast your understanding of judgment and/or decision making using these three different theoretical approaches. My understanding of the judgment was based on the surrounding context. The baseline for the behavior of the employee was determined by a reference point,…

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  • Lord Of The Dance Analysis

    Dancing is a very unique way of communication. It’s an expression of self and/ or story, appealing and entertaining to the audience with smooth, graceful moves. Watching Lord of the Dance you can see many different and similar interactions with dance; which incorporates Yoruba Nigerian Christine’s and traditional dance. As well as Indian religious traditions that is forms of worship. Upon reviewing these two cultures and how they incorporate family, dance, and movement. You can also see the…

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