The Benefits Of Dancing: The Importance Of Dance In Human Life

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Dancing is a natural act. It can sometimes become a form of meditation. Dancing increases our metabolism and blood flow, and stimulates the release of endorphins, which give us a natural high. It’s something that all children do instinctively and naturally increases our vibrations.

Dancing can lead us into a trance. It can put us completely in the moment. Some dances are spiritual, some are cultural, some are purely for fun and enjoying the moment. The results are always the same, a raised level of energy and vibrations.

There are also obvious aerobic benefits from dancing. Yes it can be a good workout, but it can be more than that. There’s a definite mind-body connection. You need to pay attention to your steps at all times, and anticipate
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It’s been a part of human culture since recorded time. When you’re absorbed, or “in the zone,” of the dance you’ll find you never get tired. That’s because it lifts your spirit and increases that sense of feeling alive.

Dance connects us to the musical rhythms of life. Having been a part of our human culture for many millennia, it could be argued that it’s part of our cultural DNA. So dance with others, dance by yourself, dance to the music, dance because it’s fun and it’s a wonderful way to increase your energy flow.

Following Up
There is now a real world wide increase in people enrolling in dance classes now. Perhaps this is a result of television shows like Dancing With The Stars. Whatever the reason, it’s on the increase. You may want to pursue this line and enroll in dance classes, or you may just want to dance in the privacy of your home, when the mood takes you. Either way, it’s a lovely way to increase your energies.

25) Get Artistic

“ The more I think about it the more I realise that there is nothing more artistic than to love
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As we become more appreciative of beauty (whether artistic or otherwise) we connect more with the right hemisphere of the brain. This is our more creative and artistic side.

Artists, painters, musicians and dancers require creativity and artistic ability. Even if you think you have zero artistic ability, it doesn’t matter, there are plenty of things you can try, in order to develop your talent. For example, painting, sculpture, drama classes, singing etc.

As you explore and persist down this path, what you will notice is that your perspective begins to change. This is the real benefit. As you begin to see things differently, your appreciation of the small, day to day things in life increases. Art takes many forms.

It can be found in nature, in a book even a magazine or on the back of a poster or advertisement. You may just appreciate the layout, or the colour scheme or a certain photograph that expresses something to you. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Whatever it may be, open up to that possibility of inspiration. You then have new avenues and possibilities opening up for you, which allows that higher level of vibration to kick

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