Social Discriminatory Paper

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American exceptionalism has been disproved in our country’s history time and time again. Prejudice and bias have led to acts of discrimination upon certain social groups that are only condemned for the way that they look or the way they think. After observing discriminatory acts, it motivates me to become a social justice advocate in order to make our country a more equal place to live for everybody. Studying culture through dance has shown me many diverse groups throughout the world and how they have been discriminated against. Growing up white in the middle class has made my life go right along with the majority of society, and therefore, I have not experienced much discrimination or prejudice throughout my life. However,
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I believe that everybody should be given equal opportunities, and that privileges should be earned, not handed to you. Seeing certain social groups receive privileges only because they belong to that group inspires me to become an advocate in order to make my community a fairer and more opportunistic place. Although speaking about topics of societal privileges or social injustice may arouse negative and uncomfortable feelings, it is necessary if we ever want change to occur. Bringing up issues such as racism, misogyny, heterosexism, etc. is often avoided by the majority since it doesn’t pertain to them or makes them feel accountable, which is why voicing your support for the minorities is rare but extremely important. Brenda J. Allen points out that “these topics may arouse uncomfortable responses, such as anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, anger, frustration, hostility, or confusion. However, under the right circumstances, thinking and talking about these subjects can enlighten and empower us.” (Allen, 3) Becoming a social justice advocate will show others that including the minorities can make our society a better place if we all work together and support each other. Stories of hatred and discrimination is what inspires me to help everybody in my community feel safe, included, and …show more content…
Every culture has so many different aspects to it and is too convoluted to fit into a certain dance form. However, every dance style in one form or another was inspired and defined by its surrounding culture. Many aspects that define dance such as symbolism, ritual, and the certain aesthetic that it carries all stem from one’s culture. Dance is a non-material product of culture that portrays thoughts, beliefs, and the social norms of that culture. The reason people dance usually pertains to the culture that the dancer is surrounded with whether it be rituals, ceremonies, celebrations, or recreation. Many dances are passed down by tradition from one’s ancestors and is the primary way of conveying their culture. All in all, dance is a primary way to present and pass on one’s

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