Step Dance In The African American Culture

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Each culture has a number of things that is thought to be exclusively theirs. Dancing specifically is something that makes a culture more easily identified. When you see a particular dance or think of it you, without delay associate it with a specific culture or group of people. For instance, when you hear hip-hop dance you immediately think of African Americans right? Let’s take this same idea and apply it to stepping or step dancing, what group of people or culture do you associate it with? I’m sure you connected it to the African American culture as well. This is right. Step dance is very significant within the African American community as a whole. Of course, it happens to be more concentrated amongst fraternities and sororities at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Since its origination it has slowly, but surely started to cross racial and cultural lines. In the long run it will be known less as a “Black thing” and more of as an “American thing”. I bet you are wondering what is stepping? Stepping is the process of using your body as an instrument. This includes spoken word, footsteps, clapping, facial expressions and sometimes props. These props are often canes, but it is not limited to just that. More frequently this percussive dance is done by a group, but can …show more content…
Due to the African American history of having a deep rooted past and love for music and dance, stepping will always be something of great significance. In years to come step will evolve and somewhat detach itself from African Americans solely and become more of an American thing. Nevertheless, its roots will never be forgotten. Just its growth alone and how it has blurred racial lines shows it is something of major importance inside out outside of African American culture. Stepping is and extension of Black culture and to have people of other culture find interest in it and take part is a large step in the right

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