Matthew Ajibade Research Paper

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In America, it is evident that race is still an issue; this is seen through many occurrences. One event in particular is the recent story of Matthew Ajibade. The story of Ajibade immediately captured my attention due to the fact he’s a graduate of Parkdale Senior High School, just as I am. Many of my older colleagues recalled stories of him being a lively spirit that everyone loved. Although I did not personally know him, it made me realize that anyone can be affected and harmed. He is one of many examples of police brutality amongst African Americans across America that have been ignored or shunned.
Matthew Ajibade of Savannah, Georgia was a 22-year-old student celebrating New Year 's Eve with his family. This day took a turn when law enforcement was called following a mental health crisis he was suffering due to his diagnosis of bipolar disorder. His family requested that he be taken to a hospital for medical attention, but instead was taken to a jail. He was found “unresponsive” in his jail cell, pronounced dead, and it was eventually ruled a homicide. Now surveillance is being surfaced for not only his family to see, but for the public to see the horrific treatment. In the first video, the police that took him to the jail were
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Along with this comes the inhumane death of these black people followed inconsistent stories of their murder. Freddie Grey was targeted for allegedly having a switchblade, had unnecessary force used against him as an African American male from Baltimore; profiling. Sandra Bland failed to signal to switch lanes then was dragged out of her car as an African American women trying to just go to her first day of work; profiled. Matthew Ajibade was placed in police custody because of his erratic behavior as an African American male; profiled. When will assumptions and profiling of African Americans

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