The Importance Of Communication And Sendin Perception In Dance

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Communications is, and will always be, the building block of society. No matter who or what you are, you communicate in some way shape or form. That way you communicate is determined strictly by you. Where you grow up, the school you went to, and the people you associate with all contribute to the way you communicate. In an article from Western Carolina University, they say that based on a survey of 120 corporations in the Business Roundtable, over one million employees have not unsatisfactory writing skills when it comes to communication. While half of all companies require writing test before hiring, some say it is even more important when it comes to raises and promotions. Writing is a major part of all daily tasks, and a major part of the work force. Between emails, reports, and presentations, your professionalism and communication skills are always being tested. No matter the job communication will always be a driving force in the work place. Employees who don’t write as well end up costing the company more money each year. …show more content…
When in an improve class, an instructor could tell you to fall. No two peoples fall will be the same. The things that dancer have been though in their life will determine what falling is to them. To some it could be the typical definition of falling, to just hit the ground, and to some it may be more of a mental thing, so you could see them grabbing for their head. No two people perception will ever be the same since no two people have lived the same life. The perception you have can also affect your dancing as a whole. When a choreographer makes up a dance they typically gave a central theme in mind. Sometimes your thoughts don’t line up with the thoughts of the choreographer causing you to not get out of the presentation that someone who was in the same mindset of the choreographer would have. The difference in perception can in turn cost you a job if you are pursuing a career in

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