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  • Windshield Repair Myths

    7 myths related to windshield repair services Windshield repair cost a fortune In reality, windshield repair services are cheaper. If you have a quarter size of a chip on the glass, you can get it fixed in less $70. However, if you wait and let the crack grow bigger in size, it may result in replacement of the screen, which is expensive. So, therefore, make sure to replace it before it grows into a big fissure blocking your view. Windshields cannot be repaired It is a pure myth. Not all rock chips warrant total screen replacement. Most of them are manageable. They can be easily be hauled without costing you much. Only car dealers can fix the rock chip Yes, auto dealers can help you restore the glass, but if want to overpay for the services.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Auto Tune Ruined The Music Industry

    well what im talking about is…… auto tune, yes you heard me auto tune , the worst invention ever created. And according to Time Magazine it one of the top 50 list of worst inventions. Why? Because the use of…

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  • Texting And Driving Speech

    Day after day people see news reports talking about accidents caused by texting while driving, yet none of it seems to get to anyone. Texting and driving is not only illegal, but also dangerous. Every day there are people around the globe that are killed in a car accident only because they were on their cell phone. There are multiple people who cause the accident because of texting and driving, while the ones that weren’t on their cell phones are the ones to die. That’s not right is it? Well no,…

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  • Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance

    Michael Mischon Dr. Hedengren Composition I 7 November 2016 In this persuasion paper, I am reaching out to auto enthusiasts and people who are interested in import cars in an attempt to persuade them regarding why the Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance Act, often referred to by many people in the automotive community as the 25 year import law, needs to reduced down to 15 years. I accomplish this by using logos regarding how the law is set up in Canada, as well as establishing ethos by providing…

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  • Ola Uber Essay

    important features of the app are: a. Different Cabs for different purposes: Like Ola Uber also has a range of cabs which are available for booking. The cabs has been divided into following categories : Uber Auto (auto drivers can associate with Uber and find passengers nearby), Uber Go (the hatchback cars with less boot space), Uber…

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  • Can We Auto-Correct Humanity Essay

    In today's generation, our world seems to be controlled a lot by technology and social media. Why does this matter? The fact people are wasting a lot of their life time on their phones and missing out on important and more valuable things in life by doing so is letting technology win the battle against us. "Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?" by Richard Williams, best known as Prince Ea, expressed thoughts of social media and technology taking over humanity. "We cannot auto-correct humanity because…

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  • The Auto Industry: The Power Of Buyers

    Bikes can only get you so far before you exert all your energy and air travel is more ideal for long distance. Public transportation does pose as a threat to the auto industry, especially in cities with a higher population density. Although, the public transit system does not completely replace private transportation. Substituting a vehicle for walking, biking, or public transit puts a strong effect on a person’s life in today’s society. Private transit allows you to “travel at any time to any…

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  • Japan Airlines Flight 123 Crash

    a strict schedule. So with a timely schedule and many processes the small details can be often over looked. Often the flight crew and ground crew from the airlines are rushed in preflight check. For some small planes used in recreational flying, it takes about 30 minutes or more to fully check an aircraft that seats up to 4 people (Fowler). It should take over an hour to fully check a gigantic plane such as the Boeing 474 which is often used in most commercial flights. This is a plane that can…

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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 Effect On Society

    What effect does Grand Theft Auto 5 have on children and Society? There are some reasons people by violent games. Some people buy it because of the killing and things that if you do in real life you can go to jail for. Somebody it just because everyone else has it and they don't want to be the person without the game. There's a big problem with the game GTA 5 because Young youth are playing the game and reacting is some parts of the video games in real life. Some people feel that GTA 5 has a lot…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Texting And Driving Essay

    many ways, but some teenagers are taking advantage of this. This does not only affect teenagers, but everyone who believes that a text message is worth more than their life. People are putting themselves and other people in danger when they pull out their phone while behind the wheel. Whether people are texting or simply just changing a song in their phone, they are taking their eyes off the road which can therefore cause an accident.…

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