Academic Performance of Working Students Essay

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  • Importance Of Academic Achievement

    The word ‘Achievement’ refers to the act of attaining desired objectives or aim or level. Educationally, the word ‘achievement’ refers to an individual’s performance up to a desired level in a particular field. Achievement is the accomplishment of student’s ability and performance. It is multi-dimensional and intricately related to human growth and cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. It reflects the whole child. It is not related to a single instance, but occurs across time and levels, through a student’s life in public school and on into postsecondary years and working life. Achievement is generally used in the sense of ability to do, capacity to do or tendency to do. Quality of performance has become the key factor for…

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  • Interpersonal Communication Reflection

    a group and work towards producing an outstanding piece of work. While working on the task, I took advantage of the opportunity to reflect upon my interpersonal and communication skills. M. Bambacas and M. Patrickson (2008, p.52) argue that “Interpersonal communication explains "the means" by which organisational activities, such as managing, controlling, planning, and leading are delivered”. This area of interpersonal communication has also been explored by Hunsaker and Alessandra (1986), who…

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  • Summary Of Working At Mcdonald's By Amitai

    Many high school students have part time jobs for various reasons, such as supporting their families, covering their tuition fees, and earning pocket money. Without having a college degree or a professional skill, many working students in high school choose to work in fast-food chains as busboys, waiters, or waitresses. However, these “highly structured” jobs, according to Amitai Etzioni, the author of “Working at McDonald’s,” are “far from providing opportunities for entrepreneurship or…

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  • Breakfast Deprivation

    Consuming breakfast may increase nutritional intake for children and boost their performance at school. Mahoney et al. (2005) conducted an experiment to test the effect of breakfast on cognitive performance on primary school children in the USA. The children in the study either consumed an oatmeal or ready-to-eat cereal breakfast or did not and then completed a series of cognitive tests. They found that breakfast consumption increased cognitive performance, especially in the students who…

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  • Importance Of Independent Learning

    learning and learning independently and their main motives. Independent learning is an effective learning which execute the students in a positive manner such as it will help in improving academic performance of the students, students will become resourceful and one can gain confidence and motivate oneself while learning independently. Learners will not only get new ideas and skills but also improve one’s academic performance through independent learning. With the spread of independent learning…

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  • Intrinsic Motivation

    Next is the discussion on the importance of motivation in the academic…

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  • How Will Technology Improve Intelligence And Academic Performance

    in technology help improve intelligence and academic performance of students in grade school and college? Introduction A study done in Chicago, Illinois, required third graders and adults to play a version of the n-back game testing memory. Researchers noticed that as a result, not only long-term and working memory had improved, but also other cognitive abilities such as fluid intelligence. While long-term memory is information you remember and store in your mind, working memory “is the…

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  • Sexual Activity And Academic Performance Essay

    Becoming sexually active might cause a decline in academic performance because sex may psychologically distress or emotionally distract students, causing them to pay less attention to coursework. However, the direction of causality may run in the opposite direction. Poor academic performance may cause PMMS marine engineering graduating to become sexually active. College students may become disillusioned or depressed due to receiving low grades and may psychologically compensate for their…

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  • Cause Of Anxiety In The Classroom

    Children and teens from all ages can experience stress as well. On many occasions, children and teens feel pressured due to academic expectations imposed on them. Although, occasional stress is inevitable, constant stress can lead to anxiety. Therefore, on many occasions the anxiety begins to cause negative symptoms. High levels of anxiety can cause lack of concentration, poor social skills and sleep deprivation; as a result, anxiety can significantly lower a student 's academic performance.…

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  • The Achievement Gap: African Americans, Latinos, And Special Education

    The achievement gap is the division of academic success amongst certain student groups. It measures the educational performance of students that identify with specific races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic status. It is associated with patterns of low performance, low standardized test scores and grades, and high school completion rates. In the eyes of an educator, it can also be defined as, “The difference between a child’s potential and his/her actual achievement” (SEDL). The cause of this gap…

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