Importance Of Academic Achievement

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The word ‘Achievement’ refers to the act of attaining desired objectives or aim or level. Educationally, the word ‘achievement’ refers to an individual’s performance up to a desired level in a particular field. Achievement is the accomplishment of student’s ability and performance. It is multi-dimensional and intricately related to human growth and cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.
It reflects the whole child. It is not related to a single instance, but occurs across time and levels, through a student’s life in public school and on into postsecondary years and working life. Achievement is generally used in the sense of ability to do, capacity to do or tendency to do. Quality of performance has become the key factor for
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It is used invariably only to reflect on the levels of performance by the learner as per the prescribed course content. Academic achievement is directly related to student’s growth and development of knowledge in an educational situation where teaching and learning process takes place. Academic achievement has become the center of student’s life; sound achievement on academic side can well be matched with the pillars on which future structure of personality stands. Academic achievement is something achieved at school, college, university-in a class, in a laboratory, library or field …show more content…
It is the status or level of the person’s learning and his ability to apply what he has learnt. It refers to the knowledge attained and skills developed in the school subjects who are assessed by school authorities with the help of achievement test which may be standardized or non-standardized. It also helps the teacher to know whether their teaching was effective or not and therefore helps them according to bring improvement. Academic achievement determines the student’s status in the class. It gives children an opportunity to develop their talents, improve their grades and prepare for the future academic challenges.
Academic achievement means knowledge, understanding or skills required, acquired after instructions and training in courses or subjects of study. It is generally measured by means of total marks of students obtained by them in a particular examination. Achievement is the accomplishment as proficiency of performance in given skills as body of knowledge. The examination marks obtained by students is the only record of academic achievements. In other words

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