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  • The Internet And The Internet

    tangled in it. Humanity would be nothing like the way it is today without the internet. I have withdrawals when I don’t have access to the internet, it’s become ingrained into who I am. Nicholas Carr’s essay Is Google Making Us Stupid? provides us with a different viewpoint than our own. Carr, and the people he includes as anecdotes in his essay, are mostly writers. They use the internet for research on a daily basis, and have experienced a ‘falling out’ with reading. They find themselves skimming through writings which they previously would have dove into wholeheartedly, which is very similar to my recent experiences with reading. The internet is akin to many historical…

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  • The Internet And The Future Of The Internet

    we begin to depend more on Internet and network. Just like how skeleton provides a structure to our body Internet/ Network provides structure to our daily life. Computers majorly effect society because today, everything from banking stock exchanges, traffic control, telephones to electric power, health care, welfare and education depends on computer/Internet. Network technology is very big part of our life. Can you imagine our life without internet/network? Everywhere we look around there is…

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  • The Internet: The Benefits Of The Internet

    The internet can be regarded as one of the primary developments that has resulted from the evolution of technology. It has proven to be an excellent source, ranging from assisting those with work that is difficult to complete to those who may use the internet for simple, yet effective things. Public schools utilize the internet as support while conducting education. Many children exemplify considerable intelligence and knowledge when navigating Internet sources, which indeed, further allow them…

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  • Internet Censorship And The Internet

    Controlled Chaos The internet has a dominating influence over todays world, because it acts as a central source of information, entertainment, and communication. Essentially the internet is vital for performing everyday tasks, but there are also negative sides to the internet. On a good note, almost anything can be researched on the web because it stores ample amounts of data. For example, students prefer to search the internet over searching through library books to find data while conducting…

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  • Internet Crime And The Internet

    The “Deep Web,” is a separate web accessed by anyone anywhere around the world. Using the servers provided by the United States in order to operate. Covering more than ninety percent of the internet, providing with illegal content and shops (Sterne, 4). People around the globe can connect to the Deep Web and have access to books and articles, informing readers on how to create bombs, how to take out and sell organs for money, and how to make illegal drugs. The Deep Web can be accessed by…

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  • The Internet And Internet Fraud

    Internet Fraud These days the computer has become the lifeline to many people and the business world, and so the Internet fraud has increased drastically. Banks, corporates and individuals alike have been victims of internet fraud: cyber-crime has increased because there is lots of valuable information which is processed, stored, and transmitted via the internet. According to a 2009 Lexis study, banks lost $11 billion, customers about $4.8 billion, and merchants lost twenty times more than…

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  • Importance Of Internet On The Internet

    Do you know what your child, little brother, or baby cousin is doing on the internet? Not many people do. My little sister has me blocked from all of her social media accounts because she wants her “privacy” at twelve years old. From personal experience I can vouch for the internet being a very unsafe place for children. I believe that young children should not be allowed unsupervised internet use freely. The internet is something easily accessible now. You carry it with you on your phone…

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  • Internet Vs Internet

    With the development of technology, internet gradually becomes an important element in many areas. The high efficiency and convenience of the internet benefits many individuals and groups. Internet also involves higher education in many different ways, and online course is one of them. When the online courses appear, people begin to compare them with traditional classes which are taught in visual classroom. As a result, two groups of people with different ideas on online courses will against…

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  • The Internet And The Laws Of The Internet

    Laws of the Internet When one thinks about the internet they imagine a tool that has limitless knowledge on tap, but most of the time they imagine their computer’s or phone’s capability of connecting to the world wide web. And on the world wide web, People are able to buy items, socialize, work, and simply relax via the internet. In many ways, the internet has changed our lives in the 21st century. Without the internet many of the jobs that thousands of people go to are obsolete. For example,…

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  • The Internet And Social Addiction To The Internet

    proponents of social networks believe that the Internet provides users with a sense of confidence in a new environment, along with the opportunity to connect with others, research suggests that increased usage of technology may entrap users with a false reality, which may lead to an unhealthy addiction to the cyber world. Although it is inevitable to escape the Internet as digital technology evolves, we can acknowledge the dangers that the Internet poses…

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