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  • Pi's Life Of Pi And Pi

    turbulent waves of the stormy Pacific Ocean. Pi watches powerlessly from a lifeboat as his life sinks/ family disappears in front of his eyes. Pi soon discovers he is not the only one on the lifeboat. He learns he must share his lifeboat with an orangutan, hyena, a zebra with a broken leg, and a Bengal tiger, named Richard Parker. The hyena dispatches the zebra and the orangutan. Consequently, Richard Parker kills the hyena. After the slaughtering concludes, Pi and Richard Parker are the only ones who have survived. Pi realizes he must train Richard Parker, in order to remain alive. Miraculously, Pi succeeds in training the Bengal tiger, but he and Richard Parker constantly are on the…

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  • Life Of Pi And The Ocean

    Setting in Life of Pi: The Relationship Between Pi and the Ocean The setting of a story plays a major role in the development of the plot throughout the novel. In Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, the main character, Pi, is left without his family and only accompanied by an untrained Bengal tiger, Richard Parker. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Pi is compelled to train the tiger for his own survival and faces several physical and spiritual challenges. The existence of these challenges is because of…

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  • Animalism In Life Of Pi

    set of instincts that can kick in at any given moment when put into tough situations. Yann Martel’s Life of Pi describes the life of a young Indian boy, Piscine (Pi) Molitor Patel. In his childhood, Pi’s family owns a zoo in Pondicherry, India which influences Pi to become interested in zoology, and practices multiple religions to show his devotion to his gods. In order to avoid imminent political disputes in India, Pi’s father decides to take the Patel family and their animals on the Tsimtsum…

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  • Atheism In Life Of Pi

    In Yann Martel’s fiction novel Life of Pi, Pi’s survival story includes living on a lifeboat for 227 days while accompanied by a 450 pound Bengal tiger. He claims that through his faith and prayers, Pi was able to survive on a rigorous journey in which no human has accomplished before. During the time of his struggle, Pi had been practicing four faiths, one of them including atheism. Pi’s encounters throughout his surreal story contradict the beliefs of atheists. Through the lens of an atheist,…

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  • Relativism In Life Of Pi

    not cry, Mine!”. Kuyper 's belief in the absolute truth of the Gospel contrasts sharply with the popular idea of relativism. In relativism, no absolute truths exist because people interpret truth differently relative to their cultural, societal, and historical context. In the book Life of Pi, author Yann Martel relates Pi’s belief in…

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  • Believability In Life Of Pi

    applied to his book Life of Pi. The novel is about a young man by the name of Pi. He grew up with his family in India, but after times of political downfall was set to move to Canada. Unfortunately, tragedy struck one night, leaving very few alive. Life of Pi is told in two different ways to show that a story's overall idea holds greater value than its details and recollection of events. This is shown through the comparison of a hyena and a cook, the symbolism of an algae island, and the…

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  • Escape In Life Of Pi

    going”. And that is exactly what Pi Patel did in The Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. Pi, an Indian boy on a voyage with his family, survived the sinking of the Tsunami along with a Bengal tiger. He spent 227 long days out at sea facing many different obstacles. Throughout the story, Martel portrays the life lesson of never giving up by throwing different challenges at Pi and testing his will to survive. These obstacles prove how Pi never gave up and survived the long journey. Pi Patel’s family is…

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  • Hope In Life Of Pi

    author, Yann Martel’s fourth book, Life of Pi portrays Pi Patel, the protagonist, stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean fighting for his survival after a shipwreck killing all of his family. Pi is originally stranded with a zebra, a hyena, a Bengal tiger and an orang-utan. All the animals were eventually killed except for Richard Parker, the tiger and Pi left on the boat. This was the beginning of a traumatic journey into the unknown. In the Life of Pi, hope is an important element of…

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  • Survival In Life Of Pi

    People of all ages go to extreme measures in order to survive. Survival requires traits such as being brave, clever, courageous and faithful. Within those people there is a will to survive and a spirit that keeps them going. Imagine hunting a polar bear or being stranded in the middle of the ocean. In the stories “The Story of Keesh” by Jack London and “The Life of Pi” by Yann Martel, the authors convey the idea of survival through the main characters words, intelligence and actions. Jack…

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  • Sacrifice In Life Of Pi

    Literature Life is full of differences but there are also things that remain the same in each and every person you encounter. Characteristics and qualities of a person are one of the most significant materials that make the pieces of the puzzle of we call life. Literature teaches us a multitude of things about characteristics, ones you want to obtain and others you want to stay away from. The writer’s job is to exhibit these characteristics within a book, article, poem, etc. and remind the…

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