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  • The Case Of Anti-Phulbari Coal Mining Movement In Bangladesh

    Therefore, the direct interface between community and mining company articulated in many MIDR literatures overlooked the underlying power relations within the community based on the land property rights and ability to influence the MIDR negotiation process. As Jorgensen (1997) argued that the land issue in the mining project is political in nature which reflects the capability of local people within the community to exert various influences to determine land ownership and benefits from their displacements and resettlements. These politically influenced people can construct the elite class within the community and gain more benefits. They are in support of MIDR process as they are the best beneficiary of this process. Literature on MIDR identified them as friends of resettlement. However their roles are still missing to galvanize local resentment against themselves and the company during the MIDR process (see Dwivedi,…

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  • Medical Voluntourism: On-Field Case Study

    mobile day clinics to surgical clinics, to host communities. Medical voluntourism, therefore, attracts a wide variety of volunteers including undergraduate students, medical students and practicing medical students. As a result, the literature on medical voluntourism is broad in context. Research in this field has credited medical voluntourism with bringing sustainable and beneficial healthcare to communities in need (Ott & Olson, 2011) while also providing a gratifying…

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  • NPSG Six Implementation Of Clinical Alarm Management

    The patient safety team worked with the Interprofessional education team and created a web based self-learning module. Meeting times were established to discuss literature on alarm management and create the test. Measurement of success was the online attendance and completion record and test scores for the program. Step Six Local work groups were to update the tools with the NPSG questions. The Excel grid was to establish the current snap shot of alarm devices and how they are managed…

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  • Latin American Literature And La Era De Trujillo By Jesus Galindez

    Latin American Literature Literature often reflects the current state of political and foreign affairs. Latin American countries when undergoing foreign invasion or being under tyrannical rule, despite their troubles via literacy, authors utilized text to expose the rulers, injustices and present state. Governmental powers have also been known to use literature to help convince the masses of their political agendas and gain momentum with the people. Latin American countries, such as the…

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  • Faith Community Nursing Plan

    The purpose statement of this DNP proposal will be to develop an FCN model of care for the local church senior’s citizen center. Currently, the center offers trips, meetings, prayer, crafts, fire safety, and meals, but nothing to promote the health and well-being of parishioners. The general question for this project is “Will developing an FCN model of care for the church senior citizen parishioners improve understanding of the disease self-management?” The practice-focused questions include:…

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  • How Did Mark Twain Influence Society

    Mark Twain, who was thought of by many as a celebrity of the American literature world in numerous ways and usually referred to his work as inspirational and moving, was also admired by many for all of his achievements throughout his life, and also for his literary impact on American literature and novels. When he was first thinking about literature and doing more things to get more involved in it was when he was a young man working at the local newspaper industry as an assistant printer.…

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  • Analysis Of Sponsors Of Literacy And Discourse Communities

    What she really refers to is the sponsors, as they can be local citizens, universities and colleges, and even common ideas that can help develop our minds to be more literate, as well as citizens being in charge of what we actually read. Even throughout time universities and institutions unintentionally become sponsors as they hold the scale comparing high literacy to low literacy, and high to low social economic status. Even in different communities, people that were born in the same time…

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  • Operation One Cow Leg Case Study

    enhanced capability to manage conflicting and competing social interests, allowing the country to pursue a peaceful economic development trajectory and a deliberative political discourse. In spite of Ghana’s ability to avoid civil wars or large-scale violence, in the past decade, the rate at which the local media report skirmishes between farmers and Fulani herdsmen, spikes. For instance, in March 2016, a 25-year-old David, was shot dead at close range by…

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  • Importance Of A 9-Year Anniversary Working In A Public Library

    While I have conducted a few programs geared for all ages and the 6-11 age bracket, my current experience is mainly limited to infant-preschool. I would like a better understand on how to appeal to older children and be able to keep them interested in reading through programming. A study analyzing youth services positions in libraries between 1971 and 2001 showed that in 1971 only 14 percent of ads requested knowledge of youth literature and programming. By 2001, that number had increased to…

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  • Kate Chopin The Great Writer Essay

    family and marriage, as well as destroy society. As a result, Kate Chopin, author of one of the first feminist novels “Awakening”, was in an extremely unfavorable situation. However, Kate wrote feminist stories including the novel “Awakening”, despite the condemnation of society, and laid the foundations of feminism in literature. This writer had a diverse biography. Her maiden name is Catherine O'Flaherty, and she was born in 1851 in a wealthy family…

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