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  • Literature Vs Literature

    Literature is any written works that have been considered superior or are of lasting artistic merit. “[L]iterature is an art, and … as an art it is able to enlarge and refine our understanding of life.” [Robertson 1993). Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination resulting in works of beauty, meaning and emotional power. Literature is an art form of language, and words are its tools, furthermore it enhances our creativity, empathy and improves our understanding of life. Poetry enhances empathy. When reading such works as Robert Frost’s poem “Home Burial”, we find ourselves getting lost in the emotion of the wife and husband as they deal with the loss of their infant child. The emotions of both begin to play on our own emotions as we find ourselves relating to one of the two characters. The question is placed in our minds by Frost as to whether there is a proper way to grieve or not. The poem does not suggest that the husband’s way of grieving is cold hearted and non-emotional nor does it suggest that the grieving mother who has completely shut down emotionally a proper way to handle grief. Frost gives his reader a visual of a scene that he leaves up to his reader to choose who they most feel empathy for. Poetry enhances creativity. Creativity is an ability to use our imagination or original ideas, innovation, originality and individuality. Literature is a place where we can exemplify our creativity. Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills…

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  • The Importance Of Literature In Literature

    Should certain literature works be taught in every American Literature course in representation of importance in historical and social American culture? The first thing to look at in order to answer this question is why literature is taught at all. Literature has its importance in the aspect of teaching students the “other side” of a past we may have never walked. Considering it dates back to well before any of us who walk this earth were thought of, it has played a role in history devised in an…

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  • The Importance Of Literature In Literature

    look critically at different theories, as well as a variety of hands on activities. With the culmination of the semester, I have come to the conclusion that students must learn to engage with literature in a meaningful way so they can apply that skill more broadly in life and use it to think critically about government and societal situations as a whole. My thoughts are supported by Louise Rosenblatt’s reader response theory (1995), Deborah Appleman’s Critical Encounters in High School English…

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  • The Importance Of Literature In School Literature

    the interpreter. Literature comes in all forms: poetry, novels, short stories and in various other demonstrations. Literature is an art form, and art is not meant to be studied in formal institutions, but rather appreciated in casual settings. Every idea should be valid and the texts should not be diminished to right and wrong answers. Literature courses, especially in university classrooms, are reduced to a contest for marks. Formal education generally interprets texts on a singular level;…

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  • The Importance Of Literature: The Significance Of Literature

    The Significance of Literature Literature has worked its way into the lives of many people for centuries. It is something that is exposed to many by command or by passion, but at some point it is bound to show up. The theory of literature’s effect on peoples’ minds and souls are controversial; while some may think it does not do anything for you, others may think it has a significant effect on a human. Whether the piece of writing deranged from the nineteenth century or from 2 weeks ago,…

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  • Importance Of Literature Contests In Literature

    It was summer vacation, and the contest was held in a Buddhist temple located in Kangwon-do. Because I bad not prepared for the contest, understandably, I could not win at the competition. After that, I started to investigate and gather the information about literature contests and a special admission into universities for literature abilities. To my astonishment, there were a lot of literature contests for high school students, ant it was possible to get a special admission from good…

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  • Literature: The Importance Of Literature In The World

    ture surrounds people in every direction. From technology, to cities, to jobs, people are required to read; it can be other things besides a book such as signs or instructions. If literature was not around, the world would not be what it is today. Sometimes, people think that literature is exclusively an American luxury; however, literature is present in different countries and languages. Literature is a huge part of people 's lives even though some people take it for granted, which is something…

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  • Literacy In Literature: The Power Of Literature

    The Power of Literacy Literature. It is simultaneously a shield against the darkness and an open window that allows new ideas and experiences to float in. Without it, we would have no way to communicate--no way to share our ideas and adventures with others or see those from the past. Literacy is as close as we can get to magic, and it has the power to provide us with humanity, escape, and determination. Literacy gives us great humanity; it gives us knowledge about the world we live in. For one,…

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  • Importance Of Literature In Children's Literature

    Over the years, children’s literature has established itself as a vital tool for the exploration, feeling and creativity ideals that both children and young adults depend upon. Children’s literature is a necessity to facilitate learning, assist in shaping reader’s minds, to stimulate their thought processes and is a reflection of social change. Historically, Australian picturebooks were not a readily available or utilised resource. Australian colonial children were also only exposed to British…

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  • The Significance Of Reading Literature: The Importance Of Literature

    The Oxford dictionary defined literature as “Familiarity with letters or books; knowledge acquired from reading or studying books, esp. the principal classical texts associated with humane learning; literary culture; learning, scholarship”. The definition of literature leads to understand the significance of reading literature. It is important to read literature because we can free our minds, have a better understanding of history, and to improve our communication skills. Although, literature…

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