Literature review Essay

  • Reflection In Literature Review

    The literature review required the understanding of writing for peers versus writing for the public. While this may not seem like a major concept for many people, I have always had difficulty toning down my use of jargon. For some topics, even peers need definitions before reading a paper heavy in terminology that they don’t use on a regular basis. When this is combined with a general consideration of the literacy level within the audience, it makes the paper an easier read for them and allows for better communication between myself and the authors. I have seen my understanding of these concepts improve from the genre and audience analysis to the literature review. I now have better knowledge of what each type of audience needs from me and how I can provide that more readily. I feel like this may have been one of the largest takeaway points from this class that I probably wouldn’t have gotten in another…

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  • Importance Of Literature Review

    Literature review is an important part of research. Beginning from the identifying idea till to determine methodology and analysis framework different previous studies can help a novice and even an expert researcher. The review of literature provides us the sense of what already happened and whether is a valley of knowledge still to discover. It also shows the experience that the previous tracker undertakes and success. Mertens (2005) asserted, “Literature reviews are important as a research…

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  • Hotspot Literature Review

    Literature Review Ⅰ. HOTSPOT MAPPING Hotspot can be defined as aggregations of raw crime data that identify geographic locations of highest incident concentration (Ratcliffe and McCullagh, 1999; Chainey and Ratcliffe, 2005). Hotspots have been formally recognized in the literature as early as 1751 when Henry Fielding suggested focusing on areas of high crime to deter offenders. A notable example of policing with hotspot is the study by Sherman et al., (1989), which found that over 50.4% of all…

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  • Literature Review On Prisons

    A REVIEW OF THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT 2 This article addresses the problems within prisons: namely, how these institutions fail to rehabilitate prisoners, and instead become hotpots of discontent and misery. The pitiful conditions inside prisons, especially those caused by overzealous and aggressive authority figures, as well as unhappy and mistreated prisoners, are also addressed. The purpose of this research was to discover and isolate processes that cause aggressive (for those with…

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  • Nursing Literature Review Example

    Two of them were from the nineties and one was from the year 1979. Even though the studies were relevant to the problem and explain a review of the problem and the need for study, they are not up to date. The summary of the literature review is not good enough to get a deeper knowledge about the literature. The authors should have done more elaborated explanation of the evidences of the problem in the literature. Conceptual and Theoretical Framework The article does not provide a…

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  • The Literature Review On School Shootings

    Literature Review The Literature review is organized into three sections. The first section reviews literature that will focus on school shootings. The second section will define and explain how Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) plays a role in schools if implemented with fidelity. The third section reviews literature of Character Education, and how character education and PBIS can work hand in hand for a terrific outcome. I will be comparing students from School White…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Literature Review

    A literature review is an evaluative report of information found in the literature related to the selected study area. Literature review represents a crucial component of every report or research paper (Jesson et al., 2011). “The higher the academic level of the research, the more important a thorough integration of the findings with existing literature becomes” (Kumar, 2011). Furthermore, project assessment criteria usually require to demonstrate awareness of the current state of knowledge in…

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  • Transition Care Literature Review

    Introduction The purpose of this review is to synthesis the literature pertaining to safe transition of care for older adults with dementia. As the number of adults age 65 and older continues to increase, the prevalence of dementia is expected to rise worldwide. In the United States alone, more than 5 million adults over 65 years old and more than 14% of those over age 70 have dementia (Alzheimer’s Association, 2015). Although dementia is considered a terminal illness (Mitchell, Teno, Kiely,…

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  • Evaluation Of A Short Literature Review

    A short literature review is included in the background section of the article, and it is relevant to the study. It provides information about the expenses related to readmission and the need of developing the interventions to reduce readmission rates. Poor communication, gaps in follow-up care, discharging patients with pending tests results, and inadequate patient education and discharge instructions have impacted the readmission rate. However, the authors of the article did not include any…

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  • Literature Review : Code Of Ethics

    Literature review of "code of ethics" Self-actualization of ethical responsibilities which accommodate counselors in pursuit of their professional relationship with their clients that is outlined in a standardized protocol by the American Counselor Association (ACA); the Code of ethics is a commitment to the profession of counseling that “empowers the diversity of individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals” (2014 ACA code of ethics,…

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