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  • Deforestation Essay

    Hence, the program helped to reduce the rate of deforestation in Acre from 111,000 has/year in 2005 to 222,000 has/year in 2008, while increasing the contribution of agriculture and forestry to the State Gross Domestic (GDP) in the State at annual rate of 8.6%, in real terms, between 2002 and 2007 (“Fighting deforestation”). In Congo Basin, the studies show that there is a decrease in precipitation and an increase in temperature as a result of deforestation. The Congo Basin forests is one of the largest

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  • Deforestation and Biodiversity Essay

    the by the work of natural causes, such as storms (Vandermeer and Perfecto, 1995). Deforestation can directly lead to biodiversity loss when animal species that live in the trees no longer have their habitat, cannot relocate, and therefore become extinct. Deforestation can lead certain tree species to permanently disappear, which affects biodiversity of plant species in an environment. The effect of deforestation can have the largest effect in tropical rainforests. According to the NASA Earth Observatory

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  • Deforestation in Africa Essay

    Reducing or eliminating the need to cut down trees for fuel will slow down the deforestation and allow the forest a chance to replenish, rebuild and retain its natural resource. It is of great importance to save the forest because “…without trees, the rains turn to floods, and wash away the soil and its minerals, so with no crops to sell because of drought and floods, and with no electricity because of clogged rivers and high prices, many people feed their families by cutting down trees for charcoal”

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  • Essay on Deforestation of the Amazon

    contributors is deforestation. Farms and grasslands use some water, but not as much as a forest can, which means that clear-cutting a forest for farmland will create more of a chance of flooding.This is due to the fact that tree roots absorb quite a bit of water from the soil, leaving less water to drain into the rivers and streams ("Fewer Trees = More Floods?"). And if the deforestation is not enough to upset the habitats in and around the forest cut down, the floods following the deforestation will add

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  • The Problem of Deforestation Essay

    space for housing and agriculture. Coupled with the extremely lucrative international timber trade in recent years, this has brought about an unparalleled degradation of the rain forests. The two most commonly cited causes of deforestation are shifting cultivation and commercial logging. In the past, indigenous peoples have farmed the rain forests, felling trees to allow cultivation of crops and grazing space for animals, and moving on when the soil becomes less fertile

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  • What is Deforestation? Essay

    And if the rainforest are gone they are more than likely to be gone forever. You cant stop deforestation but you could reduce it by recycling. Almost similar to slash and burn, slash and burn is a technique people use to make the soil in the ground rich and perfect for growing plants. They burn an area of trees and after that they plant seeds in the area they burned but its risky because if gone wrong the fire could spread at a massive scale and kill many animals and humans. It also releases a large

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  • Is Deforestation out of Control? Essay

    was confirmed that nearly six million hectares of forested area in Latin America, primarily in the Amazon region, was destroyed during the first half of the 1990s. A hectare is equivalent to 10,000 square meters or 2,471 acres.[4] Much of the deforestation is not necessarily done by the logging industry. In parts of Peru and Brazil, there are migrant farmers who clear the forest to have some farming land. The soil in the Amazon forest is pretty poor for the most part so once they have cultivated

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  • Essay about Deforestation

    a new location.” (WRI, p. 134) In the case of deforestation, erosion will occur faster than natural erosion. This is called “accelerated erosion”. “It is often 100 times as destructive as geologic erosion.” (WRI, p. 135) In the event of such erosion, the soil becomes useless. It loses many of its nutrients. And, the new deposition can even cause water pollution in nearby lakes, rivers, or oceans.      Another major problem associated with deforestation is species loss. According to the World Resources

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  • The Detrimental Effects of Deforestation Essay

    Another reason why deforestation is a serious issue is the fact that with deforestation comes eroded land which, in turn, leads to lakes and dams that are filled with silt (The Challenge, 9). Flooding can also be a result of deforestation as shown in 1979 when "India suffered $2 billion in property damage and numerous lives in the Ganges Valley in part because of deforestation in northern India and Nepal" (Thompson, 11). In order to know how to reduce deforestation rates, one first must understand

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  • Deforestation and Biodiversity Essay

    Though diverse and plentiful, the body of deforestation statistics all support Charles Southwick's assertion that "deserts are expanding, forests are shrinking" (p. 117). Before an exploration of deforestation can be undertaken, it is necessary to consider the diversity of the earth's many forests: "Forests come in many forms and occupy many different environments: wet and dry, hot and cold, high and low" (Southwick, p. 117). Biologists classify forests into four broad categories on the basis

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  • Deforestation in the Amazon Essay

    The deforestation issue concerning the Amazon Rainforest has been around since the 1940’s til the present day. Ever since the Industrial Revolution the “baby boom,” there has been a massive calling for natural resources such as natural gas and oil. With the technology available today, drilling and oil companies can pin-point large reservoirs of underground natural gas and oil that can be extracted to be put to use for driving the Industrial Revolution, literally. Although deforestation of the

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  • The Harmful Effects of Deforestation Essay

    Humans are the main cause of deforestation. Humans cause deforestation in many ways like Logging, farming, and mining. An estimated 18 million acres (7.3 million hectares) of forest roughly the size of Panama are lost each year, according to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).Logging: Logging is the main way humans cause deforestation. Logging is the cutting of trees for use by humans. Logging can be on a small scale or a big scale. Most of the time it is on a big scale

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  • Essay Causes and Solutions of Deforestation

    depleting the forests, it may be difficult to persuade the private sector to balance the negative effects of climate change against their upcoming projected returns. Another high priority problem in the struggle against the environmental impacts of deforestation, is the mis-management of the land by private landowners and local communities. (text ? xxxx) As logging has made access to the forests easier over time as roads are built to transport the produce for shipping the land has become inhabited by

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  • Essay on Deforestation of the Pacific Northwest

    become such an influential part of our society that companies are willing to sacrifice a species in order to make a profit. The northern spotted owl is only one of many species that are on the verge of extinction do to deforestation. Another important consideration in the deforestation of the Pacific North Coast is logging as a business. The investors of a publicly owned company sole concern is the growth of their stock, and this for lumber companies is accomplished by harvesting trees in the most

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  • Essay on Deforestation Devastation

    tropical forest may live… 125 kinds of mammals, and 400 kinds of birds. In a single square mile of tropical forest, biologists have counted 300 different kinds of butterflies” (“Rainforest Alliance”). Many species have become endangered due to deforestation. Rare animals like the jaguar, toucan, sloth, leopard and many more are continuously losing their habitats. They are forced to live in environments that are unfamiliar to them. Along with losing their homes, many species are losing their source

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  • Deforestation of the Amazon Essays

    hurting the environment more than just cutting it down because it will release carbon dioxide when burning which will harm the air very much since not much oxygen is being produced by the trees (Tollefson). Another main reason for the cause of deforestation is cattle ranchers. Cattle ranchers are destroying the rainforest by clearing as much as they can since Brazil is much known for producing a lot of beef (Brown). Farmers come in and expand their ranches so their profits can boost up. The more they

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  • Long Term Negative Effects of Deforestation in the Amazon Essay

    The structure of the land is changed after deforestation. According to Hauser, et al(2002), erosion and flooding turn serious because of increasing deforestation. When erosion and flooding turn serious, biodiversity and specices richness were affected to immensely.(para. 2). Soil will become loose since there is not any trees’ root to hold the soil together. Therefore, most nutrition can be washed away from the surface soil by the rain. In addition, the nutrition will also flow away because of agricultural

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  • Deforestation Essay

    One principal that deforestation violates is the equity principle. Equity is defined as the quality of being fair or impartial; fairness; impartiality. ( According to Joe Streit, author of “Green Okapi: Environmental Principals applied to Deforestation”, when arguing against deforestation, it should be mentioned that it decreases the standard of living of people living near deforested areas, and mainly provides money for large companies that is not fairly distributed to the poor. Another

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  • Deforestation Essay

    There are approximately 104,500 animal species, 4,400 vertebrates found in China, which is 10 percent of the world’s total. There are also 30,000 species of plants, more than 100 species of rare animals are native to China, including the giant panda, the lesser panda, and the Yangtze crocodile. In Southwest China, 23 bird and 18 mammal species face extinction due to human encroachment and disappearing forests. Forests provide nurturing habitats to these species; they also play an important role

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  • Annotated Bibliography-Deforestation Essay

    pine-bark beetle system” is a scientific article written about research conducted by Ryall and Fahrig. In the article, the authors include an introduction, methods, conclusions, and a discussion. In the introduction, they quote other authors about deforestation and how it truly impacts species. They then told us their two predictions for the outcome of the research. In the conclusion they tell the reader that both of their predictions were supported. The two authors of the article are credible because

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  • Deforestation: A General Overview Essay

    agriculture, grazing lands, and places to put our buildings. These things all contribute to the rate of deforestation. However, we cannot simply stop agriculture, or animals from needing a place to graze. So, it is up to mankind to come together to find a happy medium between the Earth and our needs. Deforestation rates are on the rise. This rise seems to be a directly caused by humans. Deforestation has only began in the last 10,000 years, making its start in Chile and the Mediterranean. However, officials

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  • Deforestation: National Environmental Policy Essay

    Administration (OSHA) (Theodore, Theodore, 1996). If people do not move forward and realize the inherent dangers that large-scale deforestation has on our environment than there may be no hope for future generations. Although America has begun to place restrictions on various environmental issues such as logging and pollution much more needs to be done. Deforestation "Present" In today's society environmentalists are lobbing even harder than ever before. Partially because of the legislative backpedaling

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  • Essay Evaluation of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

    deforested area comes to lowland areas, where the most biodiversity exist (Uryu et al. 2010, 5), even cocaine cultivation in Columbia causes deforestation, which led to cutting down of 68000 hectares in 2010 (Davalos et al. 2011, 1219). These threatening numbers demonstrate that this issue is quite serious as somebody might not see. Moreover, deforestation rate in Brazilian Amazon, which is the largest rainforest in the world covering 8,235,430 sq km and where particularly about 27% of mammals, 34%

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  • The Effect of Clearcut Deforestation on Physical and Chemical

    Other cases such as agricultural use or livestock grazing may use a combination of windrowing and burning, possibly also including chemical herbicides (Farrish, et al., 1993). By removing vegetation from a site, there is decreased organic transpiration of water, thereby increasing the storm runoff and erosion. Vegetation serves to slow overland runoff, and without the trees and grasses, the overland runoff can flow fast enough to erode the soil. Removal of vegetation also exposes the soil to

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  • Sustainability in Indonesia´s Rainforest Essay

    Nations 2011), and this incredibly bio-diverse resource could be completely depleted as early as 2057 should deforestation continue at the rate it currently is (Guppy 1984: 928). However, if conserved, tropical rainforests “could be one of humanity’s greatest renewable resources (Guppy 1984: 929).” According to Lopez and Galinato, there are three primary causes to the deforestation in Indonesia. These are agricultural expansion, government promotion of the timber industry, and transmigration

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  • Depletion Of Forests Essay

    Yes humankind is the cause of deforestation, however us humans are also capable of having a positive effect on this crisis.           Tropical forests cover about 10 per cent of the world’s dry land surface, mostly located in South America and Asia (Dudley 6). In the tropical forests of the world, deforestation is occurring for agriculture and livestock pastures. The main cause is the unequal distribution of land (Anderson).      Temperate forests are found in land areas that are warm enough and

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  • Greek and Roman Environment Essay

    Clearing for agriculture also had a significant amount of impact on deforestation, yet not so harsh as warfare. New farms had begun to establish is forested regions which in result called for the removal of forests to make room for farming. “Trees were uprooted or cut down, the useful parts removed and the rest burned.” (Donald Hughes 77). Overgrazing of domestic animals was also seen as “one of the most consistent and widespread forces of environmental degradation” (Donald Hughes 77). The four

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  • Essay on  Globalization’s Effect on the Orangutan

    convert what is left of the rainforests into plantations. The recent spike in palm oil production has lead to the drastic increase of Indonesia's rate of deforestation (“Conflict Palm Oil”). Indonesia has lost 80% of its rainforests in less than 50 years, causing them to have one of the highest deforestation rates in the world (“World Deforestation”). Furthermore, orangutans are pushed out of their habitat and onto plantations in search of food and shelter where they are treated as pests and often

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  • Global Warming Essay

    to explosive population growth, increased industrial expansion, technological advancement, deforestation and growing urbanisation, etc. Trees play a significant role in the global carbon cycle. They are the largest land-based mechanism for removing carbon dioxide from the air. Deforestation is checking these positive processes. It is the second principle cause of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Deforestation is responsible for 25 per cent of all carbon emissions entering the atmosphere, by the burning

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  • Interpol Essay

    logging –main cause of deforestation. The Amazon destruction –the largest rainforest in the world –speeded up in 2013 at a 29% rise in deforestation, according to the Brazilian government. The uncontrolled logging to get wood for furniture or other goods –or even for farm lands –is the most serious cause of this 3 environmental crime. Other lands –like the Indonesian forests –disappear because of excessive palm oil cultivations Countries With the Highest Deforestation Rates in the World 1) Honduras:

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  • The Life Support of the Forestry Regime: Case Studies of Two Transnational NGOs

    Besides the rapid decrease of forest cover in the tropics, there has also been a significant loss of old-growth forests and replacement of natural forests with single-species plantations. The main causes of deforestation are the spread of urban development, land clearance for agriculture, illegal logging, road building, forest fires, mining and climate change (World Wide Fund for Nature, 2004). The conservation of forests is essential as they are a valuable natural resource, providing timber products

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  • Relationship Between Urbanisation and Climate Change Essay

    emergence of climate change as an actual and existing hazard to socio-ecological sustainability on the planet. Relation between Climate Change and Urbanisation Urbanisation poses a threat to the environment as it carries with it, deforestation. Not only is deforestation too one of the major causes of climate change but the industries that take over that very land, add to this effect as well. At the present, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. It is predicted that by 2050

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  • Aaahddsjkds Essay

    extract and burn fossil fuels such as coal or petroleum, we cause the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It is followed by Deforestation. Clearing forests also releases large amounts of CO2. On top of that, plants and trees use CO2 to grow. Worldwide deforestation means we don't have as many trees to absorb the extra CO2. As a result CO2 stays in the atmosphere, trapping more heat. People have started and realized that they need to save the

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  • Crisis in Haiti Essay

    depleted because it is being used by every farmer within the local region. This causes many farmers to have to walk several miles for other shared water sources. As talked about previously, there is a sever problem with deforestation in Haiti. This major deforestation leads to Haiti’s issue of water pollution. With the fact that there are no trees to absorb much of the rainfall, it falls to the ground. This causes the rich top soil to wash away into the local streams and rivers. This then

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  • Essay on The Ecosystem of the Rainforest

    Other animals play a big part two if a tree dies in the rainforest the animals will go and look for a different source of energy in order to keep the cycle alive. The greatest threat to the rainforest energy is something that’s called “deforestation.” Deforestation affects the energy flow in the rainforest by having the trees and planes cut down, because without trees and planes the animals will start to die and the rainforest will not get the energy it needs in order to grow and realize more energy

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  • Amazonian Economy and Exploitation Concerns Essay

    legally close off or limit usage of any of the rivers. A number of fish species are diminishing, and there is concern over the pirarucu, the biggest and most popular fish. Deforestation is also a problem. Increasing amounts of land are being cleared for crops, timber, cattle, and development. H. H. Lamb suggests that deforestation will have severe consequences on the Amazon rainforest: “Theoretical modeling studies suggest that the increase of surface albedo (the reflectivity of the Earth’s surface)

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  • Global Environmental Degradation – Problems and Solutions Essay examples

    agricultural practices and industrial waste disposals and such) are also detrimental to the environment. The natural environment is continuously being exposed to hazardous waste, thus degradation continues to take place. 3. Deforestation: Pollution, there is also deforestation, which stands as a severe problem throughout the world as tropical rainforests keep on being destroyed by the logging industry. The loss of such important natural environments such as forests, which are important agent

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  • Environmental Issues in North America and the World Essay

    Deforestation effects biodiversity which is essential for stabilizing the Earth's environment and atmosphere. There are a couple solutions to these environmental issues of deforestation and overpopulation. Smart growth is a new technological plan that is incorporated and regulated by both local and state government to manage using land more efficiently. The smart growth plan is consisted of processes such as land acquisition, comprehensive planning, annexation, development caps, and rate allocation

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  • Overpopulation Essay

    Advocates of `sustainability' argue that increasing population and consumption are already causing massive damage to the planet and that soil erosion, extinction of species, pollution of air and water, and deforestation are all indicators of exceeding carrying capacity. Deforestation is driven by a wide range of social and economic forces, but underlying them all is the severe growth of human population and the rising demand for land and forest products such growth creates. Due to overpopulation

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  • Research Papers for Vietnam War

    Continue reading → This entry was posted in Research proposals and tagged Deforestation research paper, Deforestation research proposal on May 20, 2013. Research Paper on Underground Railroad Underground Railroad Research Paper: The Underground Railroad was a secret organization in the United States, which has been organizing escapes and transfer of slaves from the slave states of the South to the free North. The organization had been working in the 19th century until the beginning of

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  • Assignment 2: Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation Essay

    thepastfew decades. Global warming is occurring. We are thereason. We are overburdening our atmosphere with carbon dioxide, trappingheatanddriving up our planet’s temperature. Thefossilfuelsweburnforenergy, plus theloss of forests due to deforestation forlanduseandagriculture is theproblem. Climatescientists are looking at data andfacts, andtheyagreetheplanet is warming. Thescientificconsensus on climatic changesconnected to global warming is thattheaveragetemperature of our Earth has risen

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  • Essay about Malaysian Flood

    Malaysia. When the forest area were explored it can cause the lowlands happen and also when human change the forest to open such as construction areas, the lake’s storage capacity will reduced and it can cause flood to happen. The effect of deforestation make the surface of the land not have any plants that can control water flowing. Another cause of the flood by human greed behaviour is taking land from hills for the purpose of land reclamation that can cause bare hill. This can make river become

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  • Essay on Climate Change

    before. Another feature to these changes is the increasing flood frequency. Most climate scientists agree that the rise in global temperature could drive extreme rainfall events and storms. In part is due to the fact of human activities such as deforestation and urbanization. According to McGuire (2008,b) the 2007 were the year of the flood that affected tens of millions people around the world. For instance in Africa two million people suffered the most devastating flood in 35 years with 650.000 people

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  • Paper

    environment. As assessment of each organization is made regarding what each organization has done and what they plan to do to create a shift in thinking in Costa Rica. The National Bamboo Project was founded in 1986 and has a goal of decreasing deforestation (Roach, 1996).  One of their goals is to replace timber with bamboo as a primary building material. It also creates and Implements workshops to teach people within organizations about ways to make a

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  • Global Warming Essay

    the atmosphere (Rudman, 2005). It is the most well-known anthropogenic source of carbon dioxide. In the United States of America burning of fossil fuel causes almost 32% of the total carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Another human-made route is deforestation. This is the second largest route and leads to the emission of about a billion tons of carbon in a year (Revkin, 2005). Methane is the second largest greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere. However. It is far much destructive when compared

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  • Essay on Brief History of Ethiopia

    all but there are the occasional terror alerts from radical minorities. The economy in Ethiopia is mainly based on agriculture, in which 85 percent of the population participates. Ecological problems such as periodic drought, soil degradation, deforestation, and a high population density negatively affect the agricultural industry. Most agricultural producers are subsistence farmers living in the highlands, while the population in the lowland peripheries is nomadic and engages in livestock raising

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  • Controversial Issues in Entertainment Essay

    this day. The greenhouse has an effect without gases atmosphere, it would likely become a freezing point in water. The Carbon dioxide (CO2) has been increasing the Industrial Revolution and the primary reason in the burning fossil fuels and the deforestation (Farley, 2010).” When the CO2 reaches the level before the industrialization, it was the effect which will warm the earth and will not have any way to counter these changes. In any argument does not lie in global warming today because it is happening

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  • Essay about Diamond Mining

    Irresponsible diamond mining has caused soil erosion, led to deforestation, and forced local populations to relocate. Angola’s diamond industry has been particularly careless in protecting rivers and streams from exploitation. Diamond miners have re-routed rivers and constructed dams to expose riverbeds for mining, with disastrous effects on fish and wildlife. In extreme cases, diamond mining can cause entire ecosystems to collapse. Diamond miners in the Kono district of eastern Sierra Leone

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  • Trap Ease Study Case Essay examples

    kids. In fact the population of women that do that is rapidly shrinking and being replaced by independent professionals. The environmentalist market is also growing as people become more aware of global warming and other problems such as deforestation. Animal lovers would love the Trap-Ease mouse trap because it doesn’t require poison or pose the risk of snapping closed on a paw or tongue of a pet. Corporate Businesses would probably like the Trap-Ease mouse trap because of its high quality

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  • The Pros and Cons of Global Warming Essay

    radiation absorber, which makes it such an important aspect of Global Warming. This is one of the main reasons for the current Global Warming we are experiencing. The CO2 is steadily increasing in the atmosphere, due to the burning of fossil fuels. Deforestation is also adding to this increase in Carbon Dioxide, due to tropical rain forests being cut down, and being replaced by less effective CO2-removing plants. Numerical climate models predict that by the year 2100 the greenhouse gases will warm the

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