Deforestation Globally

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The Impact of Deforestation Globally
Deforestation has many impacts globally. Trees and their products are used in everyday life and are key for human survival. While deforestation is caused by obvious reasons, like the need for land for industrial development and the demand for the products that these trees produce, there are many large-scale problems that are caused from deforestation that need to be stopped. Deforestation is a global problem that not only affects the trees, but also increases gases in the atmosphere, causes massive soil erosion and flooding, causes loss of habitat for animals and humans, and derives people from everyday natural products, like oxygen, that these trees produce.
Animals and humans alike are impacted immensely
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“The change of the earth surfaces, by agriculture and forestry, by urbanisation or by industries activity, is correlated with the heat balance of the earth atmosphere-interface. In terms of its influence on climate, deforestation and afforestation are among the most effective changes in land use” (Baumgartner). When these trees are being destroyed, they cause pollution by the gases they release while being cut down. This puts excess carbon dioxide into the environment. Pollution is also caused by the machines that are used to massively wipe out these areas. “Previous modelling studies show that the global surface air temperature (SAT) response to deforestation depends on latitude, with most simulations showing that high latitude deforestation results in cooling, low latitude deforestation causes warming and that the mid latitude response is mixed” (Longobardi). Deforestation causes 15% of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Forests help lessen climate change because they absorb excess carbon dioxide that would go out into the atmosphere and change how the climate varies otherwise. Deforestation corresponds directly with an increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There are now scientists working on ways to account for the change in the climate as a result of deforestation. The Land Use Change Guidance states, “The firm now says its new goal is to develop a …show more content…
For one, humans main source of oxygen would be gone. Trees produce 28% of the worlds oxygen and tearing these trees down can cause widespread problems over time. The products that trees make are also used in everyday life. If trees keep getting torn down and destroyed, there will be nothing to make those products. Rubber, aspirin, sponges, gum, paper, and much more is made from trees. There will be no more tires, no medicine for aches and pains, and no more chewing gum if someone’s breath needs to be refreshed. While these products are a necessity for most, there are ways to limit deforestation globally.
As proven, deforestation affects the earth very much. It causes global warming, puts animals and humans at a loss of habitat, affects the water in the water cycle, causes colossal erosion in soil, and deprives people of natural resources. There are many long-term problems that come from deforestation and it should be limited. It damages the earth in more ways than one and could become a serious factor for global warming, pollution, and irrigation in the future at this rate. To conclude, deforestation makes global impacts that are very concerning and should not be

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