Concert Reaction Paper : Concert

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Concert Reaction Paper
The name of the concert that I went to was called Prelude. The concert took place at the Embassy Theater in Fort Wayne Indiana. The Phil Fort Wayne Philharmonic played Rachmaninoff and Dvorak. There was a special soloist there named Johannes Moser. The soloist was wonderful. He was energetic and made the orchestra interesting to watch. He had large flowing motions and exciting cello strokes.
My favorite piece was Dvorak’s concerto in B minor for Violoncello and Orchestra, Op. 104. This piece was full and it had a bold sound to it. The soloist was wonderful as well. It made me feel so many emotions. It was intense and I loved listening to it.
A piece that I did not care for was the opening piece. It was called Overture to the Bartered Bride. I do not enjoy the piece very much. I felt that the orchestra was holding back. I did not feel that they were acting on their full potential.
It was a full orchestra playing orchestrated music. It was very traditional and I really enjoyed listening to it. The music was so very well presented. I felt the group was unified. It was very good with dynamic interpretation as well. The only major complete I have was with the conductor. I could not find where the beat was when it came to the conductor. Sometimes the beat was in his wrist, sometimes it was in his forearm and sometimes it was in his elbow. I was trying to follow his conducting but I could not because I could not find the beat. The only other complete I…

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