Essay on Benefits Of Free Community College

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If everything in the world would be free, almost everything would loose it’s overall value. There would be such an abundance of that particular thing due to its accessibility. As a child we had no income, rather our guardian/parents did. When we wanted something from the store our parents would buy it for us, so to an extent it was free from the child 's perspective although in reality it was not free at all, someone else was paying for it. The same goes with the free community college concept. The cost would shift from the student paying to taxpayers.
Free community college sounds like a wonderful idea. Everyone would have an equal opportunity at higher education. Just because someone comes from low income housing should not limit that individual to pursue a college education. This would result in an overall educated society with an increase in competition. Providing this to everyone, society as a whole would see a reduction of crime possibly, due to everyone being within a classroom versus them being out in the streets doing things they aren’t suppose to. Education should not be a debt sentence. Free college would provide many with an opportunity they never saw before. But if college starts to become just as accessible as high school, the system would see changes in overall value and quality. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing.
The value of a college degrees will decrease causing an increase in competition for the job market. Employers will start to raise their…

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